Who We are

About Forum

Laja is a forum for women, by women with women working with the single aim of empowering more women and making them become better versions of themselves.  We are not a Community or a Society, we are a Forum that strives to make an impact and an improvement in the lives of women around us.

Our Founder

Riddhi Doshi Patel is the Founder of Laja. She is a Child Psychologist, Behavioral Coach, Performance Skills Trainer, Counselling Psychologist,  Educator, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Daughter and many more things rolled into one. A self-made woman, she has always believed in being self-sufficient, sustainable and resilient in her mission to empower women from within and on the outside as well. She started LAJA when she saw how women who managed homes, finances and the day-to-day needs of the multiple members in the family; became shy and meek when it came to themselves, their skills or their likes. Riddhi Doshi Patel launched LAJA with the aim of helping such women overcome their inhibitions and become confident about themselves.

our journey

Laja started her journey in 2014, when Riddhi Doshi Patel, the Founder wondered why women who normally manage the home, finances, children, elders in the family, daily budgeting, housekeeping, medical requirements and many more things; would suddenly be at aloss when asked about themselves and their aspirations. Wanting to help such women find their own trueselves and their identities, Riddhi Doshi Patel started LAJA. Initially the going was tough since women would question the need for such a forum among the many women centric forums.

Over time they realized that LAJA is not just a meet, greet and make merry kind of a forum; it was and still is a forum where women come together to discuss aspects of their lives that they could not discuss with anyone else. Discussions on health, children’s education, daily groceries, home décor soon gave way to discussions on mental peace, relationships, sexuality, entrepreneurship and more. Slowly women realized that after each meet, they went back home with something to think about, something to act upon, something to do for themselves and this is gratifying. 

Thus, began LAJA’s journey in 2014 and then in 2017, we held the very first Conclave for Women called TATVA – Empowering Women. Held in IIT, Powai, the conclave saw a wonderful gathering of women entrepreneurs, start-ups, mentors and influencers get together to discuss women’s empowerment, women’s growth and women’s success stories

Laja now conducts monthly Coffee meets, Vocational Workshops, Seminars, Online Expert Talks and an Annual Conclave. We started with one chapter in Mumbai and now have two chapters in Mumbai – Central and Western Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and have launched in Pune and Delhi recently too.


LAJA is an ever expanding and growing team including women with skills and the passion to reach out to and help other women empower themselves. However, the main team comprises of 8 confident women
who are unique and special in their own wonderful ways.

OUR Mentors

Jane Shah

Jane is the founder of ZONECFO and a Financial Strategist. She is a dynamic, customer focused, result driven financial strategist and a mentor with over 10 years of experience working with individuals and organizations in the areas of finance. Jane is a financial strategist and facilitator. She is passionate about sharing her lessons with individuals and businesses to understand the basics of finances and how to be on the growth level. She has extensive expertise in working with diverse businesses and helping them put the Financial System and Processes in place. Her years of experience, business sense and entrepreneurship make her a wonderful mentor at LAJA.

Namrata Jain

Namrata is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Healer, Corporate Trainer, Relationship Counselor, Author, and Mentor. A regular feature with her advice columns in the news papers, Namrata has a whole body of work under her belt. Having worked with many Corporate, Schools, Collages and Individuals; Namrata has a vast experience in understanding human mentality. As a mentor to LAJA, Namrata shares her valuable inputs during the designing of programs, seminars and talks. Her keen sense of catching the pulse of the crowd has been a great boon for team LAJA.

OUr Supporters

OUr Supporters

For any venture to be successful, you need a great team and a wonderful set of people who support and encourage you. LAJA has the good fortune of having a wonderful team of supporters who not just believe in LAJA and it’s team, but wholeheartedly support each and every initiative undertaken by LAJA.