Who We are

About Forum

Laja is a forum for women, by women with women working with the single aim of empowering more women and making them become better versions of themselves.  We are not a Community or a Society, we are a Forum that strives to make an impact and an improvement in the lives of women around us.

Our Founder

Riddhi Doshi Patel is the Founder of Laja. She is a Child Psychologist, Behavioral Coach, Performance Skills Trainer, Counselling Psychologist,  Educator, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, Daughter and many more things rolled into one. A self-made woman, she has always believed in being self-sufficient, sustainable and resilient in her mission to empower women from within and on the outside as well. She started LAJA when she saw how women who managed homes, finances and the day-to-day needs of the multiple members in the family; became shy and meek when it came to themselves, their skills or their likes. Riddhi Doshi Patel launched LAJA with the aim of helping such women overcome their inhibitions and become confident about themselves.

our journey

Laja started her journey in 2014, when Riddhi Doshi Patel, the Founder wondered why women who normally manage the home, finances, children, elders in the family, daily budgeting, housekeeping, medical requirements and many more things; would suddenly be at aloss when asked about themselves and their aspirations. Wanting to help such women find their own trueselves and their identities, Riddhi Doshi Patel started LAJA. Initially the going was tough since women would question the need for such a forum among the many women centric forums.

Over time they realized that LAJA is not just a meet, greet and make merry kind of a forum; it was and still is a forum where women come together to discuss aspects of their lives that they could not discuss with anyone else. Discussions on health, children’s education, daily groceries, home décor soon gave way to discussions on mental peace, relationships, sexuality, entrepreneurship and more. Slowly women realized that after each meet, they went back home with something to think about, something to act upon, something to do for themselves and this is gratifying. 

Thus, began LAJA’s journey in 2014 and then in 2017, we held the very first Conclave for Women called TATVA – Empowering Women. Held in IIT, Powai, the conclave saw a wonderful gathering of women entrepreneurs, start-ups, mentors and influencers get together to discuss women’s empowerment, women’s growth and women’s success stories

Laja now conducts monthly Coffee meets, Vocational Workshops, Seminars, Online Expert Talks and an Annual Conclave. We started with one chapter in Mumbai and now have two chapters in Mumbai – Central and Western Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and have launched in Pune and Delhi recently too.


LAJA is an ever expanding and growing team including women with skills and the passion to reach out to and help other women empower themselves. However, the main team comprises of 8 confident women
who are unique and special in their own wonderful ways.

Vandana Joshil

Laja Administrator

A Content Writer with more than 16 years of experience, Vandana is the voice of LAJA. She understands, interprets and converts all that thoughts of the core LAJA team into words and puts it on paper. Skilled as a writer, Vandana is passionate about her work and loves to bring to life the stories of women and their lives. A mother, wife, daughter, she believes her role as an individual and as a woman should not be forgotten or undermined.

Tina Jain

Head Operations

An extremely motivated and a go getter person, Tina Jain is driven by her passion to make a difference. She always finds practical and insightful ways to achieve what she wants. Professionally an IB and CAIE trained lecturer for Business Studies and Economics, she loves mentoring her students with life skills. Multitasking and Communication are her natural strengths. A mother of two daughters, both excelling in sports, Tina feels that sports is the key to discipline in life. She lives to dance and travel. Her motto in life is “Work hard and party harder”. She has been a part of LAJA from the time of its inception and she will be leading the operations pan India.

Sonu Bajaj

Strategic Consultant

Educating, Empowering, Enabling, individuals, businesses, startups to increase their productivity for faster growth is Sonu Bajaj’s forte. An experienced professional with over 25 years’ experience of working across industries in the region as well as internationally, Sonu has always been a self-motivated entrepreneur. A well sought after Success Coach and Trainer. He is the founder of TakeOff Ventures, a dynamic marketing and strategic business consulting agency. He is also the founder of AwareRaho, a social initiative for creating awareness and educating and empowering masses on topics such as Parenting, Women Empowerment, Enhancing success and productivity for Professionals, Jobseekers and Startups. He has been closely associated with LAJA as Strategic Consultant and provides tremendous support and guidance to Team Laja for their initiatives, events and future planning.

Darshi Sanghvi

Content Writer

Darshi is a young, talented and spirited young girl who has decided to follow her mentor Riddhi and stand on her own two feet at the young age. Between pursuing her study of Law and running TedEd for children under Rhyns, Darshi also works with LAJA and provides daily content for the LAJA forums on facebook and the LAJA groups on Whatsapp.

Kamal Jeswani

Marketing & Finance Consultants

Kamal Jeswani is India’s 1st Internationally Certified Financial Success Coach with a CFP and MBA in Finance. He conducts Financial Super Success seminars across India. He is the founder of Count Mint Financial Planners which provides solutions to people who wish to enjoy Financial Abundance for thier entire life. He is passionate about learning & continuous improvement. He is our go-to man for all Marketing strategies and is our Marketing Consultant. Kamal believes in the need to enable women to take charge of their lives and wholeheartedly supports LAJA and all our initiatives.

Bhavna Mehta

Chapter Head, Mumbai

A dedicated Teacher with 30+yrs experience and an Entrepreneur, honoured with many Awards by TUPPERWARE INDIA over a period of 20 yrs. She has been a PR at Shiamak Davar International (India) Pvt Ltd. (SDIIPL) for 11 yrs and offered valuable Voluntary Services at D. P. Y. A. High School (20yrs) – Managing Events, – AKANKSHA NGO (8yrs), composed poems, written & directed plays for Inter – School competition and won a first prize, – Anstrengung United, NGO for Street Kids – Teaching, Story-Telling. She is a social worker and also a writer for the Visually Challenged college students. She loves animals and is an ardent follower of Louise Hay's books.She is also a Numerologist and a Tarot – Numero card reader.

Ashima Sethi

Chapter Head, Delhi

Ashima is a behavioral skills Trainer perusing her Masters in Psychology. A single mom to a beautiful eight-year old girl, Ashima runs a group for Single parents in Delhi where people from all across India come together to discuss their experiences.  The groups mission is to make Single Parents live with pride and self-respect. Ashima has seen the worst of human behavior towards single parents and especially single moms. She wants to change that and hence has joined Team LAJA to help as many women as possible accept life and hat it throws at them with dignity and pride.

Dr. Bhavna Ambudkar

Chapter Head, Pune

Dr. Bhavna Ambudkar is the LAJA Ambassador in Pune and represents LAJA with poise and knowledge. Dr. Bhavna is currently working as Professor in the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and Dean Industry Institute & Alumni interaction at Dr.D.Y.Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri, Pune.Bhavna is Ph.D in Engineering and currently doing research in the field of Education Technology. She has started a social platform Bhav-Van where women can express their feelings anonymously and get relief with suggestions/advice. She runs a platform “Shubham Karoti” with few colleagues to imbibe “values of Life” in people who are unaware about it. She believes and practices spirituality technically stating the co-existence of it in human nature.


Preeti Sanjeev Thakkar

Chapter Head, Ahmedabad

Preeti Sanjeev Thakkar is a very optimistic person with enthusiasm & a straight forward attitude. Food and Nutrition are her favorite domains.  She likes meeting people and making new friends. Upgrading is her keyword. Her hobbies are singing, painting, reading & traveling.

Bharti Vania

Ambassador, Mumbai

An inspirational human, volunteer with the human society, eager to help all in any possible circumstances, hotel sales head personal by profession. An enthusiastic and hard working woman who is excellent as boss and as mother and in many different forms.

Julie Bhavesh Thakkar

Ambassador, Mumbai

Numerologist, Tarot card reader, NLP practitioner, Access bar Practitioner, Creative educator, Social worker. Her motive is to empower parents who are blessed with kids experiencing some diversity with the skills which she has for free.

Pooja V Sharma

Ambassador, Mumbai

Image Coach, Trainer, NLP & Access therapist, Personal Brand strategist, Associate with Mentor Me India. She loves to learn & explore new things.

Mamatha Shetty

Ambassador, Mumbai

Corporate Trainer, Counselling Psychologist, Special Educator, Healer -Therapist. I love reading and travelling.

Hemlata Bhagtani

Ambassador, Mumbai

16 years plus experience in Human Resources having experience over various industries. Passionate about making difference in the lives of people. Seeing smile of hope on people's faces excites her and brings immense satisfaction. Is an avid reader of books written by Dr Daisaku Ikeda and loves exploring new places.

Dr. Kalpa Shah

Ambassador, Mumbai

Dr Kalpa Shah, Founder of The Healing Tree. She is a Homeopathic Consultant, graduated from Smt. C M Patel Homeopathic College, Vile Parle. She holds 11 yrs experience of treating patients of various acute and chronic complaints. She is a Counselor from St. Xavier’s Institute, trained by Father Fuster.  She has further upgraded her Counseling skills through various modalities like Hypnosis, Essential Redikal Healing and Access Bars. She is also an NLP Practitioner.

Supriya Kabra

Ambassador, Mumbai

Supriya Kabra is an dynamic, seasoned HR, OD professional and Soft Skills and Behavioral Trainer with over a decade of experience. She specialises in establishing complete customised, innovative and doable solutions. She has been awarded as Best Business Consultant and Innovative HR practices Award (at national level). She is Director of COSMIQUE CONSULTANTS, Founder – ENTRACO – an mobile app for complete employee management focuses on engagement, training and communication.

Anuja Singh

Ambassador, Pune

Having contributed to Different Industries and Powerful Corporate Houses including World bank funded Projects with Govt of Maharashtra as a Youngest joint CEO of the State. Holding a Degree of MBA in ABM from Symbiosis International University. But I found my True passion in working for women empowerment & Building strong futures for various comunities.

Priyanka Jaydeep Patil

Ambassador, Pune

Priyanka Jaydeep Patil is an artist by heart and a masters in industrial design by profession. Her work revolves around women centric design research and sustainability. She grew up loving art, craft, and theatre and turns out, she loves connecting with like minded people .

Minal Badgujar

Ambassador, Pune

An Engineering professor turned into soft skills trainer and soloprenuer. A Pranic Healer, an amateur painter, community helper, a loving mother are her few facets.


Kavita Yadav

Ambassador, Ahmedabad

Versatile and family oriented woman brought up in disciplined army officer’s family. Studied fashion designing to make a career and worked as ‘Fashion Coordinator’ in her early years. Took a break after marriage and been a housewife till her daughter started going to school. Started designing garments for school functions till she got a full-time job in a school as ‘Head Administrations’.  she worked in the school for almost 11 years and was taking care of seven branches as ‘System Head- Administrations’ when she left. She left her career to support her daughter when she came in her final year of schooling. This was the second break for a year. A new chapter of life started when she decided to do something of her own. After lots of research, she launched her own herbal skin care products with the name of ‘Skin Care Naturally’. In short span she made the brandsuccessful. She is never afraid of taking risk. With her determination she has always exceled in whatever she has done in life.

OUR Mentors

Jane Shah

Jane is the founder of ZONECFO and a Financial Strategist. She is a dynamic, customer focused, result driven financial strategist and a mentor with over 10 years of experience working with individuals and organizations in the areas of finance. Jane is a financial strategist and facilitator. She is passionate about sharing her lessons with individuals and businesses to understand the basics of finances and how to be on the growth level. She has extensive expertise in working with diverse businesses and helping them put the Financial System and Processes in place. Her years of experience, business sense and entrepreneurship make her a wonderful mentor at LAJA.

Namrata Jain

Namrata is a Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Healer, Corporate Trainer, Relationship Counselor, Author, and Mentor. A regular feature with her advice columns in the news papers, Namrata has a whole body of work under her belt. Having worked with many Corporate, Schools, Collages and Individuals; Namrata has a vast experience in understanding human mentality. As a mentor to LAJA, Namrata shares her valuable inputs during the designing of programs, seminars and talks. Her keen sense of catching the pulse of the crowd has been a great boon for team LAJA.

OUr Supporters

OUr Supporters

For any venture to be successful, you need a great team and a wonderful set of people who support and encourage you. LAJA has the good fortune of having a wonderful team of supporters who not just believe in LAJA and it’s team, but wholeheartedly support each and every initiative undertaken by LAJA.