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Wommen Empowermment

Women Empowerment
Developing Strength of Women Socially, Economically, Emotionally

If women are equipped with the right resources, opportunities and a support system they will rise and shine for sure. LAJA provides this kind of a support system which facilitates in developing awareness, learning new skills, learning from other’s experiences, connecting and developing bonds with other women in society among other things. LAJA becomes a second family for those seeking a reinforcement of belief and self-confidence.





A Holistic Approach To Women Development

We believe that women empowerment needs a 360-degree approach. In order to feel that you are a part of a movement; interaction, open channels of communication, trust and working together to help the cause, play an important role. We have put all this in place for you, be it through our Area-wise Chapters, or our Coffee Meets, One-to-One Counseling Sessions or Training Programs.

We are here to help! Connect with us today!

Join The Forum! Be A Part Of Laja!

Laja is an important forum for women, by women, with a network of women who are dedicated to helping develop and empower women. The aim is to help women achieve their full potential by inspiring them to grow socially, economically and emotionally. Do you have the passion and the intent to further this mission? Are you driven by a dream to make a difference to the lives of women around you? Would you like to join the forum and inspire or be inspired to make a positive impact? Are you interested to empower yourself to lead a successful and happy life?

Bringing The Community Together Through Our Events

Our events provide the perfect platform to bring the community together to connect, share and learn experiences and teachings and support each other to grow from strength to strength. Tatva, our annual conclave has emerged as a leading forum for women to come together to be inspired, motivated and learn from the best. Training Workshops, Skill Development Programs, Awareness Forums, etc. also form part of our initiatives.

What Our Members Say