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TATVA 2019- Indeed a celebration of relationships.

“Success is not a one-off or overnight activity or event; instead it is a continues process where the goal is to always keep getting better each day” – Duncan Muguku, Author.

With such a thought inscribed in our heads, Team LAJA worked hard on TATVA 2019 and received a thunderous applause on November 24.

Every session rocked and marked a step up for Team LAJA. With Young Entrepreneurs as young as 8 and seasoned guests and speakers; the event touched upon every aspect of an individual’s life. We included the thoughts and aspirations of the youth; we discussed what are the basis of relationships; we discussed the third quotient in a marriage (the extra marital affair). We had an informative class about a woman’s vulva and her needs; we had a hilarious discussion on our relationship with food. We had an interactive session on finding out the importance of the ‘we’ and the ‘me’; we had an energetic session on connecting with ourselves, our bodies, our mind and music. We had a conversation with the universe buried deep in our subconscious and then looked for manifestation from the Universe and realized that gemstones also play a role in all these. We had a lesson on numbers and colors and their importance in our day-to-day activities. We heard words of encouragement from our Mentors, Our Supporters and from those who love us.

We had the realization that ‘We’ are here because of all the Love and Encouragement given to us by the Universe and the people in our lives.

We are humbled, encouraged to work harder & stronger, and come back with another rocking event in 2020. 

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With online expert talks, Coffee Meets, Vocational Courses, Workshops and Conferences, the forum gives women the opportunity to identify their skills & talents, update the same, explore newer avenues and gain awareness of the latest in all fields of life. The forum brings experts from the fields of Finance, Health, Academics, Human Resource, Business, Psychology, Counsellors, Art and more to meets where women gain an insight into that particular field and get an opportunity to understand a field outside their comfort or known zones.