TATVA 2023 - Swa Ehsaas - Celebrating the Goddess in women

Year after year, Team Laja curates an event that is nothing like anyone has ever seen; and year after year we successfully execute the event with tons of takeaways. TATVA 2023 – Swa Ehsaas – Celebrating the Goddess in women was exactly like that; and yet it was so different.

For the very first time, women as young as 20 and as senior as 70 went on a journey of self-discovery, self-acknowledgement, self-acceptance and self-love. Words like breasts and yoni, easily blended in with chest, heart, stomach, legs and back. The intention was not to sexualize the body, but to sensitize it and to align the seven chakras, the Ying and yang, the masculine and feminine and the I with the me.

TATVA 2023 – Swa Ehsaas – Celebrating the Goddess in women, was a series of five workshops conducted by five amazing facilitators – Niyatii N Shah – Sex Educator, Counsellor, Intimacy Coach and Author; Tashu Mendiratta – dance movement therapy practitioner & expressive art therapy practitioner; Dr Anu Mehta – a META-Health Master Trainer, Gong therapist, and Sound healer; Damini Sahay – Belly Dancer/ Dance Movement Therapist and Juthika Dcruz – a Spiritual Teacher, Master Teacher for Angel Therapy and Transform You Life Coach.

Each of the facilitators, took the participants through different modalities and gave them an opportunity to understand themselves, express themselves and let go of pent-up emotions. There were tears – but the tears were of relief, of happiness and of joy; because the women had found a safe space to open up and to voice their repressed thoughts.

The participants used touch, music, art, dance and introspection to acknowledge and accept themselves as they are – beautiful from within and on the outside as well.

If there ever was a room full of emotionally charged individuals, then it was at Suba Galaxy on the 14th of October; when 50 women came together, letting go of their inhibitions to look at themselves with newfound respect and love.

TATVA 2022 – आश्रय (Ashraya)- From Conception to Teenage.

TATVA 2022 – आश्रय (Ashraya)- From Conception to Teenage.

After months of planning and working tirelessly, Team LAJA is finally able to take it easy after winding up everything at TATVA 2022 Ashraya.

The event was a success, simply because of the amazing people who came by to support us, to hear our speakers and to applaud the young entrepreneurs who showcased their handmade products.

Feedback from each member of the audience endorsed our effort to bring about an awareness about parenting, children and mental health.

Ulka Raut and the young Master Ojas Pai mesmerised each one of us with their beautiful rendition of little Krishna’s anticks of stealing butter and then lying about it to Maa Yashoda, who eventually realises and despite knowing it forgives her little son for this mischief, forcing Krishna to come forward and apologise.  This performance paid tribute to the undying and unquestioning love that Mothers have for their children.

The inaugural speech by Shweta Shalini Maam, truly put into perspective the impact parents make on their children and how important it is to lead by example rather than by instructions. Maam also honoured us by launching our next major project LAJA TALKS more about that later.

We said it then, we say it now; that Parenting can never be prototyped or put in a box and our speakers – Avantika Bahuguna, Bina Y, Gayathri Natarajan Dileepan, Capt Pratap Singh Mehta and Dr Neeta Mhatre Mishra drove home that point that irrespective of the style of parenting and the circumstances one is one; being present and being there for your child and teaching the right values is what is important. The session was ably moderated by Kamal-Jeswani

Dr Darshna Thakker as usual mesmerized the audience with her wit and class and loads of information. Besides sharing important aspects of mental health wellness, she also took the audience through an emotional roller-coaster when she guided us back to our journey from our mother’s wombs to the present day. Not a single eye was dry by the end of the exercise and we thank Darshana for that amazing experience.

The gracious Anuradha Pal brought energy on stage with her as she shared videos of her tabla recitals and explained the importance of music in connecting with children and guiding them. Her presence and her ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ song left a mark on everyone in the audience.

Rakhee Chhabria of Teachershelpteachers, quickly took the audience through the futility of fighting technology in a day and age where technology is an integral part of our lives. She explained the need to adopt, adapt and effectively use technology to our advantage and use it as a tool to not just connect with our children but also to nurture them in the right direction.

Our esteemed special invitees added grace, elegance and insights to the event with their wit, humour, information and insights and for that we thank RJ Archana Pania and #ChakradhariRaow.

Lunch was followed by another interesting Fire-side discussion on Self-care for Caregivers and the panellists Dr Milan Balakrishnan, Dr Shivangi Maletia and Faetma Jagmag shared such experiences and anecdotes that everyone was left introspecting. Made everyone sit up and think!! A session well moderated by DrKalpa Jimit Shah

This was followed by an emotional panel discussion on a Home without warmth. Panelists Vaayu Dhwani shared her true story of abuse and survival followed by the panellists Neha Kare Kanabar, #PrernaSinha and Sneha Tapadia sharing tips on precautionary actions that can be taken and the need for awareness all around. Truly another segment that sent chills down everyone’s spine and left everyone in awe of the panellists. This session was moderated by our Founder Riddhi Doshi Patel.

This was followed by the most awaited business pitches by the young kiddie entrepreneurs who had by that time sold out most of their handmade products. Their zeal and enthusiasm and most importantly the efficiency with which they put the learnings of their 5 weekends of mentorship and training was remarkable. The children had by the end of the event used collaboration, networking, selling, upselling, cross-selling, discounts and more to sell their products. Truly an effort that needs huge applause. The mentors Atul Chandrakant Kulkarni, Asif Ebrahim, Mehernosh Randeria, Sushant Mysorekar and Kalpesh Trivedi were surely beaming with pride.

TATVA 2022 Ashraya would not have bene possible without the genuine support of all our partners in terms of Co-sponsors, event partners, supporters and more. A big dil se thank you to Eves Choice, #Stree NGO, First Moms Club, Teachershelpteachers, PinksEvent, Parent – Tales, WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave, Urban Tutor, #EnchantingEnglish, Starchild Education and Learning, Pooja Jigs, Preesh Uniform, Massaya innovative  Marketing and Management, Tulsi Travels, Beyond the Box, Preeti’s Cookery Club, Little Millennium, Deesha Chocolates, Kavita Yadav, The diet valley by reema vyas, The Masala Company, Fabulaous, Esthetic, Chaitali’s Cake Cookies And More, Bina Y, Mufaro Enterprise.

A big Thank you to Rupak Shah of Fabulaous for capturing our thoughts and vision beautifully to compile the Launch Video of LAJA Talks.

Thanking all our special guests, friends and supporters Sekhar Chandrasekhar, Bhavesh Kothari, Milind Kher & Gauri Kher, Harish Mehta, Priyanka Urvish Acharya, Namrata Jain and so many more

LAJA is back with TATVA 2022

आश्रय (Ashraya)- From Conception to Teenage,

LAJA is back with TATVA 2022 – आश्रय (Ashraya)- From Conception to Teenage

LAJA, India’s first forum focusing on women’s self-development and growth is back with its coveted Annual event TATVA and this time the focus is on Ashraya – From Conception to Teenage on November 19, 2022 at Matunga Gymkhana from 10:00am to 5:30pm. The event will touch upon all topics of relevance to parents, parenting and children between the ages of 0 (just born) to teenage.

With new age parents trying hard to ensure a healthy and holistic environment for their child right from when the baby forms in the womb to an age where the child is forming thoughts, judgements and opinions of his/her own; LAJA through TATVA आश्रय (Ashraya) aims to be their guide and support.

Parenting is never an easy cakewalk. It takes patience, understanding, information, insight, guidance and handholding. When everyone is living a life in a nuclear setting; it becomes difficult to rely on age-old customs handed down by grandparents who are either in different cities or countries altogether.

Additionally, the next generation needs all our support for a holistic growth of mind, body, beliefs and soul. It is not just the physical health that needs care, but also the mental health, emotional health, social health, community health and more.

Through Tatva आश्रय (Ashraya), LAJA will bring you experts from fields as diverse as Gynaecology, Garbhasanskar, Prenatal Health, Nutrition, Supplements, Yoga, Prenatal Care, Child Care, Body Care, Mental Stimulating educational toys, learning tools, career guidance, personality development – we will cover it all.

We will cover every topic from conception to early teens related to physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health, community living, skills, culture, learning, awareness and more.

The most exciting and unique offering we have this time is for children who are budding entrepreneurs. Eight young entrepreneurs between the age group of 8 to 14 years will be given an opportunity to put up stalls and showcase their products. They will also get an opportunity to pitch their businesses to Investors. This is a step up from our earlier previous year’s initiatives where we have encouraged and promoted young entrepreneurs.

Additionally, LAJA has invited young children to write letters to their parents expressing their thoughts, feelings, emotions and also what they expect from their parents. A compilation of these letters will be published and launched at the event. This book will give every parent an insight into what their child really thinks and feels about his/her parents and their bonds with them.

Tatva 2022 आश्रय (Ashraya) is brought to you by LAJA, a forum for women, by women, with women; aimed at developing and enhancing the lives of women in all aspects of life.

LAJA has consistently worked towards the self-development of women and believes that when the woman is secure and aware of her own self, then the home is truly where the heart is.

We have chapters in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad and each chapter is working towards helping women develop and empower themselves. We are in the process of setting up chapters in two-tier cities as we speak.

You can find details of the event and speakers on https://www.facebook.com/events/430962552387256

TATVA 2021 Pravayaha

a Graceful celebration of our Senior Citizens

Day 1 of TATVA 2021 Pravayaha

Life Begins at 60 was a super-duper success and all this because of the amazing lineup of Speakers, Panelists, Topics of discussion and the wonderful audience.

Shweta Shalini Ma’am and Atul Kulkarni Sir inaugurated the event with wonderful words of encouragement for Team LAJA and for the intent by the Team to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate Senior Citizens.

The Guests of Honor, our speakers who appeared at the Pravayaha with Julie added to the charm by not just sharing their wonderful words of wisdom but also by applauding Team LAJA for conducting such an event.

The Panel discussion on Old and Young: Different sides of the spectrum had so many takeaways with the main thought coming through that communication, acceptance, indulgence, understanding and respect for both generations were important to bridge the generation gap. We are at an age where we are lucky to have the experience of the older generation and the mind of a technology driven generation in play together with millennials who have seen the best of both worlds.

The discussion on Decoding the Bulls and Bears was insightful with the Panelists sharing tips and advice on investments, savings and equity. This was truly one learning session.

The last event had everyone in splits as Laughter guru Archana took everyone through 7 exercises and encouraged everyone to bring laughter into their lives.

What a wonderful way to end a knowledge rich event, with lots of laughter and smiles.

If day 1 was anything to go by, the day 2 of LAJA

TATVA 2021- प्रवयाः Life begins at 60 promised to be a dhamaka of sorts and it did stay true to its promise

Despite a slow start where technology played truant; the session on Guided Meditation by Kalpana Yuvrraaj was an eye opener for all. The Zoom participants, Speakers and even those watching live on YouTube; it was a surreal experience. To feel the universe come together with you to help you realise your one single goal was an amazing experience.

This was followed by an inspiring exercise by Mahadev Dada to aid memory and recall. Although audio was an issue, hearing him share different simple and effective brain workouts was exciting.

This was followed by an indept discussion on Old age homes and their need or redundance in the Indian context. It was heartening to see that all the panellists’, moderator and even the audience was of the opinion and in consensus that old age homes are not the answer to old age or dependence. The newly launched app by Wg Cdr Thomas Verghese seemed promising and everyone was eager to know more about Assisted living and Assisted Care.

The discussion quickly moved towards Second Innings and Matrimonial for senior citizens who have lost their spouse. Natubhai Patel shared the idea behind his wonderful initiative and we are sure he managed to convince many that Second Marriage is indeed a wonderful aid to those have lost their partners of many years.

This was followed by a dhamakedar performance of singing, dafli, bhajan, cooking and bhangra by the talented 60+ contestants. Each one gave a spellbinding performance and left everyone asking for more.

The last fireside discussion on Will making, Property distribution and Legal aid for senior citizens was informative and generated awareness among the participants.

This was followed up by an unique event called the Social Circle, where we facilitated a playback theatre event डेरा – Where WE All  Meet- Stories of Intergenerational Wisdom. The event was performed by Rangbhumi- an Applied Theatre Organisation. This platform was used by the old and the young to get together under one roof and share their life stories, experiences and lessons.

Overall Team LAJA’s intention of celebrating Senior Citizens and applauding their life and experiences all came together during the two days of the main event, the four days of Salon Events and the Social Circle during TATVA 2021- प्रवयाः Life begins at 60.


You are a reflection of your thoughts. 


You are a reflection of your thoughts. 

When you learn to guard your own mental health, half the battle is won. TATVA 2020- Pratibimb- You are a Reflection of your thoughts wasn’t just a conclave, it was a combined effort by team LAJA to touch upon every aspect of mental health under the Sun and the overwhelming response, the smiles and the awareness that has come out of it makes us believe that the effort did pay off. 

The takeaways are innumerable, but here are a few that will stay with you, me and every TATVA 2020 attendee for an entire lifetime. 

Day 1  –  4th October 2020

They are one of us, just a lot more unique and a lot more stronger and that’s what sets them apart. Our Panelists at “MouldingMinds with FreeMinds” panel discussion enabled our participants to understand the mental health concerns of the LGBTQ community in and out, thus assisting them in taking their first step in acknowledging their journey and the struggles that comes along with it. Doodling drowns your worries away, one stroke at a time and our participants got to experience the magic behind it firsthand at the “Doodle your worries away” workshop. 

Day 2  –  5th October 2020

Our Panelists beautifully put forth their thoughts at the “MouldingMinds with Warriors” Panel discussion. “Every family must have a family Counselor, just like a family physician. Take charge of your emotions, external validation is not necessary. Don’t use “get over it” or “move on”, say “move forward”. Don’t panic, prepare yourself. Equip yourself with QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) instruction training. Normalise conversations about mental health, understand that anyone can give advice but it is mental health professionals that give informed advice. Understand that depression is not a simple sadness and above all, be a good listener”. To neutralize the heaviness of this discussion, we had a Funtakshari wherein our participants sang and danced the night away. 

Day 3  –  6th October 2020

At yet another panel discussion “MouldingMinds with the Experienced”, our panelists explained why age is just a number. “Look for the root cause of any problem, use the language of the young’s choice, effect talking and using the right words allows the bridge of frustration and irritation to break off. Experiment with technology, keep yourself busy and never let the hunger to learn vanish”. With a little dance, nothing can ever go wrong. Participants were made to break free, loosen up and dance their hearts out at the session on “Dance & Move Your Wrinkles Away”. 

Day 4  –  7th October 2020

Being a woman is your greatest strength and not realising that fact is your greatest weakness. As a woman who juggles between work and home day in and day out, your mental health must top your priority list and this was energetically explained at the pep talk on “Naari Tu Narayani”. Add colour to the paper and you automatically add more colour, more joy to your life, such was the experience of our participants at the fun art workshop on “Rang Ke Sang”. 

Day 5  –  8th October 2020

They may be tiny, but not all their problems are their size, some are a little more complex than we think. Mental health of children is often unspoken of, but one of the most crucial topics today. At the panel discussion on “MouldingMinds with Children”, our panelists beautifully explained how with a few do’s and don’ts, we as parents can do wonders in their mental health and thus, their lives. This was followed by an apt representation of the daily struggles faced by today’s kids, in the form of a performance on applied theatre by kids themselves, along with a few senior artists. Our participants were indeed glued to their screens throughout. 

Day 6  –  9th October 2020

The session on “Happiness Matters” gave out some noteworthy messages, like you get only one stay on this planet, so let’s ensure that no one else gets to control your happiness other than you. Take charge of your happiness, be the CEO of your happiness. The pep talk on “MouldingMinds with Self” further explained the importance of checking your emotional tray like you check your notification tray, of becoming more aware of things which are happening in you, with you and around you and of integrating peace, to unbox peace. The conversation on “Apni Pehchan Apna Astitva” highlighted the need of me time for moms, as only if she is energized, can she can give out to family and community in an energetic way. Furthermore, train your sub conscious brain, keep track of what keeps you away from achieving and believe in yourself as everything is driven by self belief. 

Day 7  –  10th October 2020

A culmination like never before, the last day brought the participants a much deserved welcome in the form of the welcome dance “Navras”, followed by a uniquely designed Open mic session “Dil se Dil Tak” wherein the participants spoke their hearts out about topics close to their hearts. This was followed by an all-encompassing valedictory speech, to sum up the event and the importance of mental health. Last but not the least, we had a video celebrating each team member. 

An event that may have been of 7 days, but definitely the one that has given us life lessons and memories to cherish forever!

TATVA 2019 – a Roaring Success

“Success is not a one-off or overnight activity or event; instead it is a continues process where the goal is to always keep getting better each day” – Duncan Muguku, Author.

With such a thought inscribed in our heads, Team LAJA worked hard on TATVA 2019 and received a thunderous applause on November 24.

Every session rocked and marked a step up for Team LAJA. With Young Entrepreneurs as young as 8 and seasoned guests and speakers; the event touched upon every aspect of an individual’s life. We included the thoughts and aspirations of the youth; we discussed what are the basis of relationships; we discussed the third quotient in a marriage (the extra marital affair).

Every session rocked and marked a step up for Team LAJA. With Young Entrepreneurs as young as 8 and seasoned guests and speakers; the event touched upon every aspect of an individual’s life. We included the thoughts and aspirations of the youth; we discussed what are the basis of relationships; we discussed the third quotient in a marriage (the extra marital affair).

We had an informative class about a woman’s vulva and her needs; we had a hilarious discussion on our relationship with food. We had an interactive session on finding out the importance of the ‘we’ and the ‘me’; we had an energetic session on connecting with ourselves, our bodies, our mind and music. We had a conversation with the universe buried deep in our subconscious and then looked for manifestation from the Universe and realized that gemstones also play a role in all these. We had a lesson on numbers and colors and their importance in our day-to-day activities. We heard words of encouragement from our Mentors, Our Supporters and from those who love us. 

We had the realization that ‘We’ are here because of all the Love and Encouragement given to us by the Universe and the people in our lives. 

We are humbled, encouraged to work harder & stronger, and come back with another rocking event in 2020. 

Thanking each and every one who made this a success. Strategic Partner – TakeOff Ventures; Co-Sponsors – #WhySufferSilently (BlueCross Laboratories Pvt Ltd) and Vardan Jewellers; Associate Partner – Kangen Water; Hygiene Partner – Sirona; Smile Care Partner – BDJ Dental Associates; Digital Partner – Think Bee; Video Partner – Best Talks; Support Partner – eGrowth; Photography Partner – My Passion Klicks by Moushmi Priyesh Kapadia; Community Partners – Hastaksharr Self-made Divas and The Billenium Divas; Media Partners – Woodpecker Media; Healthcare Partner – Vrudhi Holistic Health Care; Outreach Partner – WEE (Women Entrepreneurs Enclave); and Beauty Partner – Sai Samruddhi.

Brand/Stall Sponsors – Young Entrepreneurs (NAISSHA JAIN, DHWAN PATEL, DAKSH JESWANI, VIDHI BAJAJ and NIRJRA GANDHI), Indian Institute of Service Excellence (IISE), Home Boutique, Poucheo, FutureKidz, Winks of Joy, Kamal-Jeswani, and Pintucloo.

Goody Bag Sponsors – Vrudhi Holistic Health Care, That Flower Girl, Aromas Café and Bistro, Reya Essentials and ItsOurLife27.

Guests of Honor – Arun Chitlangia; Abdul Asif Ebrahim and Col. Pratap Singh. Chief Guests – Namrata Thakker and Nabomita Mazumdar. 

Speakers – Anil Thomas, Dr Riddhi Shukla, Priyanka Acharya, Avantika Bahuguna, Shammi Gupta, Honey Vacchani, Neha Kare Kanabar, Bharat Rathod, Biindu Khurana and Riddhi Doshi Patel.

Panelists and Moderators – RJ Kshitij, Ishita Katyal, Aadhya Bhatnagar, Chandana Hiran, Vivaan Turakhia, Jayaditya Shah, Darshi Sanghvi and Tamanna Balachandran; Keya Bhatt, Siji Varghese, Smita Glk Parikh, Shabia Ravi Walia and Avani Zaveri Vakharia; Dr Bhavi Mody, Yogesh Barot, Parag Joglekar, and Jasbir Kaur Rekhi. 

Videos –
Nikhil Marwah, Rajiv Jain and PeeBuddy.
Special Thanks to Ulka Raut for her kuchipudi performance.
Heartfelt appreciation to Anchor and Host for the day Jaya Oban.
Till we meet again at TATVA 2020, we share glimpses of our labor of love through this video

Tatva 2019 - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

The world is one family

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Tatva 2018 - Nurturing Thyself

Discussions on Physical, Mental an Emotional Health Wellbeing

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