Past Events

TATVA 2022 – आश्रय (Ashraya)

 From Conception to Teenage is official done and with what effect.

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Yes, after months of planning and working tirelessly, Team Laja finally took a day off yesterday after winding up everything at TATVA 2022 Ashraya. 

The event was a success, simply because of the amazing people who came by to support us, to hear our speakers and to applaud the young entrepreneurs who showcased their handmade products. 

Feedback from each member of the audience endorsed our effort to bring about an awareness about parenting, children and mental health. 

Ulka Raut and the young Master Ojas Pai mesmerised each one of us with their beautiful rendition of little Krishna’s anticks of stealing butter and then lying about it to Maa Yashoda, who eventually realises and despite knowing it forgives her little son for this mischief, forcing Krishna to come forward and apologise.  This performance paid tribute to the undying and unquestioning love that Mothers have for their children. 

The inaugural speech by Shweta Shalini Maam, truly put into perspective the impact parents make on their children and how important it is to lead by example rather than by instructions. Maam also honoured us by launching our next major project LAJA TALKS more about that later.

We said it then, we say it now; that Parenting can never be prototyped or put in a box and our speakers – Avantika Bahuguna, Bina Y, Gayathri Natarajan Dileepan, Capt Pratap Singh Mehta and Dr Neeta Mhatre Mishra drove home that point that irrespective of the style of parenting and the circumstances one is one; being present and being there for your child and teaching the right values is what is important. The session was ably moderated by Kamal-Jeswani

Dr Darshna Thakker as usual mesmerized the audience with her wit and class and loads of information. Besides sharing important aspects of mental health wellness, she also took the audience trough an emotional roller-coaster when she guided us back to our journey from our mother’s wombs to the present day. Not a single eye was dry by the end of the exercise and we thank Darshana for that amazing experience.

The gracious Anuradha Pal brought energy on stage with her as she shared videos of her tabla recitals and explained the importance of music in connecting with children and guiding them. Her presence and her ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ song left a mark on everyone in the audience.

Rakhee Chhabria of Teachers Help Teachers, quickly took the audience through the futility of fighting technology in a day and age where technology is an integral part of our lives. She explained the need to adopt, adapt and effectively use technology to our advantage and use it as a tool to not just connect with our children but also to nurture them in the right direction. 

Our esteemed special invitees added grace, elegance and insights to the event with their wit, humor, information and insights and for that we thank RJ Archana Pania and #ChakradhariRaow. 

Lunch was followed by another interesting Fire-side discussion on Self-care for Caregivers and the panelists Dr Milan Balakrishnan, Dr Shivangi Maletia and #FaetmaJagmag shared such experiences and anecdotes that everyone was left introspecting. Made everyone sit up and  think!! A session well moderated by DrKalpa Jimit Shah

This was followed by an emotional panel discussion on a Home without warmth. Panelists Vaayu Dhwani shared her true story of abuse and survival followed by the panelists Neha Kare Kanabar, Prerna Sinha and Sneha Tapadia sharing tips on precautionary actions that can be taken and the need for awareness all around. Truly another segment that sent chills down everyone’s spine and left everyone in awe of the panelists. This session was moderated by our Founder Riddhi Doshi Patel. 

This was followed by the most awaited business pitches by the young kiddie entrepreneurs who had by that time sold out most of their handmade products. Their zeal and enthusiasm and most importantly the efficiency with which they put the learnings of their 5 weekends of mentorship and training was remarkable. The children had by the end of the event used collaboration, networking, selling, upselling, cross-selling, discounts and more to sell their products. Truly an effort that needs huge applause. The mentors Atul Chandrakant Kulkarni, Asif Ebrahim, Mehernosh Randeria, Sushant Mysorekar and Kalpesh Trivediwere surely beaming with pride. 

TATVA 2022 Ashraya would not have bene possible without the genuine support of all our partners in terms of Co-sponsors, event partners, supporters and more. A big dil se thank you to #EvesChoice, #Stree NGO, First Moms Club, Teachershelpteachers, PinksEvent, Parent – Tales, WEE – Women Entrepreneurs Enclave, Urban Tutor, #EnchantingEnglish, Starchild Education and Learning, Pooja Jigs, Preesh Uniform, Massaya innovative  Marketing and Management, Tulsi Travels, Beyond the Box, Preeti’s Cookery Club, Little Millennium, Deesha Chocolates, Kavita Yadav, The diet valley by reema vyas, The Masala Company, #Fabulouis, Esthetic, Cake and More, Bina Y, Mufaro. 

A big Thank you to Rupak Shah of Fabulaous for capturing our thoughts and vision beautifully to compile the Launch Video of #LAJATalks.

All our special guests, friends and supporters  Sekhar Chandrasekhar, Bhavesh Kothari, Milind Kher & Gauri Kher, Harish Mehta, Priyanka Urvish Acharya, Namrata Jain and so many more…. We thank you DIL SE…

LAJA Junction- Decoding God

18th December 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Shattering myths and understanding the holy books from a fresh perspective relating all tradition and the belief system, stories associated with them to a logical consensus” this was the essence of Decoding God – LAJA Hyderabad Junction conducted on 18th December 2021 by our Facilitator Mr. Anil Kumar R who likes to be called a humanitarian. A psychologist by profession, who finds solutions in multi dimensions and resolves issues holistically, he looks into the highest realm of Divinity to get the answers and Decode the same for you all.

TATVA 2021- Pravayaha

27th and 28th November2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Two days of power packed evenings – that is how Team LAJA would like to remember November 27 & 28 as.

 TATVA 2021 Pravayaha – Life Begins at 60 for us was not just a celebration of Senior Citizens and their amazing achievements, but also a celebration of Team Effort and cohesiveness. 

With discussion, debates, talks, performances and guided sessions; the two days showcased the rich vocabulary, experience, authority and passion of our senior citizens. 

We at Team LAJA are proud of what we have achieved with TATVA 2021 and we look forward to receiving all your feedback for the same. 

Thank you Dil Se to the entire Universe for coming together and making this a reality. 

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … toh poori kainath use tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

LAJA- Ahmedabad’s networking meet

6th  September 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

6th September 2021- LAJA- Ahmedabad’s networking meet proved to be a hit! 

Post the first offline networking meet post Covid, it was a delight to see our LAJA women all geared up for this one! It was wonderful to see the next 6 months’ venues and topics finalised, much more so as the topics range from beauty, self love, appreciation for art to travel and public speaking among others. Through the digital hygiene session, our Facilitator and Chapter Manager- LAJA Ahmedabad- Ms. Binita Parikh walked everyone through the practical tips on how to stay safe in the digital world, setting of passwords, safe surfing and practices. 

An amazing venue, some important learnings, lipsmacking food and coffee and loads of smiles; aah, what a combination it makes!


Mumbai’s first offline networking meet post covid

3rd  Septembe 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Khoob jama rang jab mil baithe acquaintances-turned-yaar, at LAJA-Mumbai’s first offline networking meet post covid! 

Oh, how unmatchable is the joy of meeting LAJA women, some known, some unknown! 

Women from different walks of life came under one roof, spoke about themselves, their journey, what drives them and what brings them to LAJA. That’s not it! With keen interest, they learnt about the work their fellow women do. 3 exhibitors exhibited their products and were thrilled to receive an overwhelming response! 

The meet redefined the meaning of networking, allowing our women to look at it and experience it from a different perspective altogether. 

LAJA Networking is not just about introducing oneself and handing out business cards, it was about a dil-se-dil-tak ka connect which set the tone for many potential collaborations.

Women added inputs to others’ introductions and also gave live testimonials of successful experiences and collaborations.

All in all, a day full of gupshup, networking, marketing and creating wonderful memories! 

Missed it? Fret not as we’re going to see you soon once again!

Delhi’s first offline networking meet post covid

28th  August 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

From a designer, a boutique owner, an Image Consultant, to a home tutor, to a member of an NGO, to a member running a platform for differently abled children, to a member who’s into water purification as well as organic skincare products, we witnessed a varied crowd and were thrilled to see the zeal with which everyone showcased their products. We also had a member all the way from Bangalore who shared her passion with the fellow women. 

The joy of catching up after so long is unmatchable, kudos to our Delhi Chapter Director Ashima Sethi and Ambassador Ms. Sona Singh for making it happen. Thanks to LAVKUSH Mart and to Owlets Reading Room for lending their support and offering takeaways in the form of goodies to our members. Special thanks to Ms. Sona Singh for offering her boutique as the venue. 

Stay tuned as we bring you more of such meets!

Eco friendly Ganpati making skills development workshop

27th  August 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

With Ganesh Chaturthi round the corner, LAJA thought of enabling our women to upskill themselves and at the same time, guard the environment with a fun Eco-friendly Ganesha making workshop, in association with Trishul NGO. 

Our workshop Facilitator Hina Choksi taught our women the art of making an eco friendly Ganpati from mud, imparted knowledge of painting with natural colours and the reuse of the mud after visarjan. These Ganeshas are in high demand when it comes to corporate gifting, hence we were glad that we could be of some help to the women and girls who joined in, who can make their own Ganpati at home. 

When the first offline skills development workshop post Covid goes this successful, it sets a benchmark for the rest. See you soon with an equally exciting workshop under our Skills Development Programme.

Ahmedabad Networking Meet

2nd  August 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

When women start talking, wonderful things happen. When they bond so well, you know you’re growing as a community. 

On 2nd August 2021, our LAJA women from Ahmedabad had an offline networking meet after way too long and the results were beyond fruitful. Enterprising women from different walks of life came together under one roof, right from home bakers and organic product and beauty product creators to salons, consultants, sustainability experts, corporate trainers and life coaches. All in all, it was an interesting mix of like-minded people who got to know each other and LAJA better and are keen on supporting each other professionally as well as personally. 

Stay tuned for more of such meets!

LAJA Junction on Active Listening

10th  July 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

In a world that’s overly obsessed with communicating right, listening right often takes a backseat. 
We at LAJA wanted to explain the importance of mastering the art of active listening at today’s LAJA Junction and our Expert Ms. Supriya Kabra wonderfully did that through her meaningful insights and fun activities! 
Key takeaways:
-Train your brain not to react and to remain free from bias. 
-Convert your “tell” into “ask”. 
-Always remain curious. 
-Focus on acknowledging and remaining non-judgmental. 
-Organize and structure your listening.

Workshop on Edible Experiments

28th  April 2021 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Hurray! Time to pat ourselves on the back for once again keeping our promise of bringing you a workshop that’s a mix of both, knowledge and fun. LAJA organised a workshop for all our culinary enthusiasts on Edible Experiments- where food met science. Ms. Binita Parikh- Moderator conversed with Ms. Preeti Thakkar- Home Chef & Dr. Megha Bhatt (Founder- SciKnowTech) to understand all about the scientific impact of spices and food ingredients on your body and about developing fun recipes to create interesting eatables from them. While Ms. Preeti Thakkar demonstrated 3 recipes, namely of vegetable buttermilk smoothie, Mini Pita with cucumber Salsa and Tangy instant Achar, Ms. Megha Bhatt spoke about the importance of balancing the dietary experiments to ensure that we intake protein, minerals,  carbs vitamins and fats. She explained the science behind tadka,  mukhwas, chaas,  mint, ghee, so on and so forth. All in all, our participants were thrilled to have such unique takeaways and were geared up to see what’s coming up next. Here’s a sneak peek!LAJA organised its LAJA Junction- a Panel discussion on “Age is Just a Number” yesterday and we feel overwhelmed with all the positive responses that have been pouring in. Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion:

LAJA Junction- Panel discussion on "Age is just a number"

14th  April 2021

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

LAJA organised its LAJA Junction- a Panel discussion on “Age is Just a Number” yesterday and we feel overwhelmed with all the positive responses that have been pouring in. Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion:

— Embarking on a new journey in your second innings may seem daunting but with the right guidance, analysis and efforts, one can turn it into a success story.
— Understand what is your passion, your skill set and accordingly strive to find that sweet point which can generate income and also provide you
     the satisfaction of pursuing your dreams.
— Look before you leap . Ensure that you have enough funds to keep you going atleast for a year even though you cannot break-even with your business.
— Up skill yourself and identify what is new in your field so that you can put your best foot forward.
— Don’t get bogged down by stereotypes and dare to tread the untrodden path. Challenges will seem like a cakewalk when faced with grit and determination.
— Be consistent and have patience because Rome was not built in a day. Do not hesitate to reach out to mentors and industry leaders to guide you.
— Follow the 999 rule and give yourself and the business time to settle.

Team LAJA thanks our participants for their enthusiastic participation. We wholeheartedly extend our vote of thanks to our panelists, Ms. Anjali Gulati, Ms. Suchita Patel and Ms. Binita Parikh for their valuable time and insights. Kudos to Ms. Archana Madhusudhan from team LAJA who moderated the entire discussion so well.

A date with yourself with brain & body workout

8th  March 2021

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Why spare time for yourself only for one day? Why need a particular day to offer yourself a breather, some me-time and the respect you deserve all year round? 
Here’s a glimpse of a women’s day celebration that will set the tone for women to celebrate themselves all-day, everyday. Our women were made to indulge in some fun body and brain workout (garba workout, brain games and advice on eliminating unending body pain) that reminded them to keep themselves up-and-going physically and mentally 24*7. With such feedbacks, what more could we ask for? Special thanks to our Experts Dr. Kalpa Shah, Mr. Ganesh Dalvi & Ms. Bela Jogani for taking time out and addressing our women so creatively & patiently. We also thank Dr. Kalpa Shah for organising the event and our sponsors Sparrsh by Kalpa Boricha, Divine Star by Shraddhaa Visariya, We Divine by Dr. Meghavi Shah, Floway Fashions by Saomyaa Chaturvedi & Back to Roots by Swati Chandarana for all their support.

LAJA Junction on "The magic of codependency"

20th  March 2021

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Our Hyderabad Chapter kickstarts with a bang and our Pune Chapter chips in to make the session all the more a success. The LAJA Junction on 20th March 2021 was a beautiful sneak peak into the lives of a doctor couple- Dr. Deepti Karmakar and Dr. Kedar Kulkarni and how they manage the work-life balance as both of them handle extremely challenging specialities in the field of medicine.

Dr. Deepti shared experiences of how it is still of paramount importance to hold counseling sessions for families when a girl child is born and the family is not very accepting. The post partum depression can have lasting effects on the new mother’s health. PCOD and PCOS are very common in even very young girls and there should be no taboo surrounding the same. Early examination, detection and treatment are necessary. Dr. Kedar threw deep insights on paediatric aspects and how to recognise symptoms exhibited and avail medical intervention instead of simply brushing off the same on certain assumptions. Both the doctors spoke about the impact of covid, the importance of vaccination and the age group that can get vaccinated.  The doctor couple also shared some light hearted moments and how they keep themselves and eachother motivated. Their hobbies, interests and how they strike the perfect balance between family and professional life! It was a fulfilling session indeed. Kudos to LAJA-Hyderabad and Pune Chapter for pulling off the session so well and special thanks to our Speakers for their time and insights and to our lovely audience for their participation. 

Physical & Mental Wellness of children post lockdown

8th  January 2021

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

Do you too fret at the thought of keeping your child physically & mentally fit post the lockdown? LAJA arranged a live panel discussion to answer all questions on 8th January 2021 with Panelists Ms. Riddhi Doshi Patel, Founder- LAJA & an experienced Child Psychologist, Ms Meeta Shah, a skilled Psychotherapist & Ms. Bijal Vora, a renowned Fitness Professional and Panel Moderator Dr. Kalpa Shah- a knowledgeable Homeopath.

Dhamakedar December Masterclass

14th – 24th December 2020

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

As promised, to make your December all the more Dhamakedar, LAJA came up with 6 days of hands-on, interactive sessions on your most desired topics, straight from the experts.

LAJA's Maggi Masala Maggic Contest

11th – 21st December 2020 

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

LAJA brought all the Masterchefs out there a uniquely designed, super fun Maggi Masala Magic Contest, a platform to showcase their winter special recipes.  

Delhi Chapter Meet

Glimpses of the Delhi Chapter meet where first speaker Mr. Vipul Goyal threw light on how the education system has evolved and how parents should take it ahead . Second speaker, Tarot card reader Pooja A Bhandari explained the basics of tarot, helped break the myth of tarot being a path to prediction and also picked cards for a few of our members.


As women, we treat nails much more than just a part of our bodies. They do the talking for us. Stylish and classy or subtle and sweet, Ms. Neha Suradkar from Style N File Academy made sure our women get to learn to style their nails the way they like! Ms. Neha was kind enough to answer every question that was thrown her way, cleared all the doubts circulating nail art and sent all the participants back home with huge smiles! Right from understanding how to file your nails in a proper manner, choosing the right colour for the right occasion to using sequins and other nail decor gingerly; we had it all covered at our meet at Powai on 20th April 2019.

Tatva is an Annual Conclave organized by LAJA to bring together LAJA women and the rest of the women together under one roof with experts, mentors, Influencers, Inspirers and more to learn, teach, understand and inspire each other.

Lets Walk - Nature Walk

02nd June 2019

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali

LetsWalk - Beach Walk

02nd Sept 2018

Venue : Juhu Beach Mumbai

LetsWalk - Nature Walk

03rd June 2018

Venue : Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali