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TATVA 2019 – a Roaring Success

“Success is not a one-off or overnight activity or event; instead it is a continues process where the goal is to always keep getting better each day” – Duncan Muguku, Author.

With such a thought inscribed in our heads, Team LAJA worked hard on TATVA 2019 and received a thunderous applause on November 24.

Every session rocked and marked a step up for Team LAJA. With Young Entrepreneurs as young as 8 and seasoned guests and speakers; the event touched upon every aspect of an individual’s life. We included the thoughts and aspirations of the youth; we discussed what are the basis of relationships; we discussed the third quotient in a marriage (the extra marital affair). We had an informative class about a woman’s vulva and her needs; we had a hilarious discussion on our relationship with food. We had an interactive session on finding out the importance of the ‘we’ and the ‘me’; we had an energetic session on connecting with ourselves, our bodies, our mind and music. We had a conversation with the universe buried deep in our subconscious and then looked for manifestation from the Universe and realized that gemstones also play a role in all these. We had a lesson on numbers and colors and their importance in our day-to-day activities. We heard words of encouragement from our Mentors, Our Supporters and from those who love us. 

We had the realization that ‘We’ are here because of all the Love and Encouragement given to us by the Universe and the people in our lives. 

We are humbled, encouraged to work harder & stronger, and come back with another rocking event in 2020. 

Thanking each and every one who made this a success. Strategic Partner – TakeOff Ventures; Co-Sponsors – #WhySufferSilently (BlueCross Laboratories Pvt Ltd) and Vardan Jewellers; Associate Partner – Kangen Water; Hygiene Partner – Sirona; Smile Care Partner – BDJ Dental Associates; Digital Partner – Think Bee; Video Partner – Best Talks; Support Partner – eGrowth; Photography Partner – My Passion Klicks by Moushmi Priyesh Kapadia; Community Partners – Hastaksharr Self-made Divas and The Billenium Divas; Media Partners – Woodpecker Media; Healthcare Partner – Vrudhi Holistic Health Care; Outreach Partner – WEE (Women Entrepreneurs Enclave); and Beauty Partner – Sai Samruddhi.

Brand/Stall Sponsors – Young Entrepreneurs (NAISSHA JAIN, DHWAN PATEL, DAKSH JESWANI, VIDHI BAJAJ and NIRJRA GANDHI), Indian Institute of Service Excellence (IISE), Home Boutique, Poucheo, FutureKidz, Winks of Joy, Kamal-Jeswani, and Pintucloo.

Goody Bag Sponsors – Vrudhi Holistic Health Care, That Flower Girl, Aromas Café and Bistro, Reya Essentials and ItsOurLife27.

Guests of Honor – Arun Chitlangia; Abdul Asif Ebrahim and Col. Pratap Singh. Chief Guests – Namrata Thakker and Nabomita Mazumdar. 

Speakers – Anil Thomas, Dr Riddhi Shukla, Priyanka Acharya, Avantika Bahuguna, Shammi Gupta, Honey Vacchani, Neha Kare Kanabar, Bharat Rathod, Biindu Khurana and Riddhi Doshi Patel.

Panelists and Moderators – RJ Kshitij, Ishita Katyal, Aadhya Bhatnagar, Chandana Hiran, Vivaan Turakhia, Jayaditya Shah, Darshi Sanghvi and Tamanna Balachandran; Keya Bhatt, Siji Varghese, Smita Glk Parikh, Shabia Ravi Walia and Avani Zaveri Vakharia; Dr Bhavi Mody, Yogesh Barot, Parag Joglekar, and Jasbir Kaur Rekhi. 

Videos –
Nikhil Marwah, Rajiv Jain and PeeBuddy.
Special Thanks to Ulka Raut for her kuchipudi performance.
Heartfelt appreciation to Anchor and Host for the day Jaya Oban.
Till we meet again at TATVA 2020, we share glimpses of our labor of love through this video

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upcoming Events

LAJA has an exciting Calendar lined up for our members and non-members. With vocational workshops, Coffee Meets, Online and Offline Counselling, Training meets, and an Annual Conclave; the year 2019 is power packed. To see LAJA events in your city, check the list below. 

Upcoming Events Calendar

An excellent mix of topics and initiatives have been curated, developed and are being put together just for you!
Listed below are our upcoming events. Register Today!

June 15
Eco-friendly Ganesha making
July 08
Budget 2019-2020 by
Mr. Devang Ambavi
July 13
Expert- Networking Skills, Teatime confectionaries
Aug 10
Expert- Relationships; standing in their shoes, eco-friendly Ganesha idol making
Aug 18
Eco-friendly Ganesha making
Sept 14
Expert- Weight loss and Management, Navratri Special Mojdi decorating
Sept 21
Pre - Diwali Bash at Mumbai
Oct 06
Pre - Diwali bash at Delhi
oct 12
Expert: Grooming, Right fabrics for you, DIY Diya making and Quilling
Dec 14
Impressive Body Language, Guest Hosting tips, Fondant cupcake Making

Past Events

Delhi Chapter Meet

Glimpses of the Delhi Chapter meet where first speaker Mr. Vipul Goyal threw light on how the education system has evolved and how parents should take it ahead . Second speaker, Tarot card reader Pooja A Bhandari explained the basics of tarot, helped break the myth of tarot being a path to prediction and also picked cards for a few of our members.


As women, we treat nails much more than just a part of our bodies. They do the talking for us. Stylish and classy or subtle and sweet, Ms. Neha Suradkar from Style N File Academy made sure our women get to learn to style their nails the way they like! Ms. Neha was kind enough to answer every question that was thrown her way, cleared all the doubts circulating nail art and sent all the participants back home with huge smiles! Right from understanding how to file your nails in a proper manner, choosing the right colour for the right occasion to using sequins and other nail decor gingerly; we had it all covered at our meet at Powai on 20th April 2019.

Tatva is an Annual Conclave organized by LAJA to bring together LAJA women and the rest of the women together under one roof with experts, mentors, Influencers, Inspirers and more to learn, teach, understand and inspire each other.


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