The Secret to a good night’s Sleep! – Semira Khaleeli

In the city that never sleeps, let’s talk about sleep hygiene.

Do you ever find yourself staring at the ceiling, wondering if you will ever fall asleep?

Or perhaps you suddenly wake up thinking it’s time to get up but it’s actually 2 am?

I was conducting a program on grooming and hygiene at a college and the (very wise) Dean being the curious person that she is, did some digging and discovered that there is also something called #sleephygiene

I did some more investigating and found that there is a whole lot of research on “Sleep Hygiene” (Google baba jai ho!) I read a few articles that 51% – 62 % of adults complain that they don’t get sufficient sleep.

Wow! so there it is –  The world needs more sleep.

Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can be a silent killer. Lack of sleep leads to heart disease, memory loss, ageing skin, weight gain etc. And that’s just to start with…

Sleep hygiene is very simply – good sleep habits. Your food choices and your daytime and bedtime habits all play a role in getting good sleep. Here’s an infographic that tells you what to do to get a proper night’s sleep. I intend to try the worry list this week!


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