Woman, You are the Universe! – Juthika Dcruz

Woman, You are the Universe!
– Juthika Dcruz

This morning when I woke up, I felt a little stuffy. Haven’t been out of the house for more than a week. So I pushed back the curtains and let the light and air stream in through the windows and circulate all around the house. I stepped out into my little garden on the terrace and touched my plants and spoke to them. My little doggo Sharaä was also close to my feet and she chased the birds and also the cat who was hiding behind a pot, to prey on the pigeons near the water hole. Then I looked around at the trees in my area, how happily they were sashaying with the breeze. I looked at the beautiful blue sky and some fluffy clouds that seemed to be chasing the birds that flew past them.The sounds of the sparrows and the mynah chirping around me caught my attention, but more than that it was the expectant caw-caw of the crows that amused me. Near the water hole, there was a couple of pigeons. The girl pigeon was acting all high and mighty and the boy pigeon was chasing her all around. What a dance that was. But she did not pay him any heed and flewaway.

HA ..what a morning ! From stuffy to free !! I marvelled at how nature works in perfect rhythm and is fully taken care of by the universe. Everything has a pattern of birth, life, death and re-birth cycle. And it all works in perfect harmony with all that is in its environment. But sadly , we humans struggle. And worse still , we believe that struggling is ‘normal’. All this misconception, simply because we are not in sync with nature. On that note, come let me share with you the world’s best kept secret about women and their bodies.

Do you know how very closely are our bodies (especially women) and lives, are interconnected with nature. If we don’t stay in touch with nature, we lose our essence. I had mentioned in my previous article that we, women are cyclical beings, just like the nature and the universe. Let’s talk a little more on that today.

As you know our natural environment has four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. And each season has its own characteristic quality and ways of being and thriving.

Right now, we are on the threshold of the Spring season. It signifies the birth and re-birth after a lull period fo winter. The trees sprout new leaves, flowers start to bloom and there is a fresh influx of greenery everywhere. It is a time in nature when new life begins. Re-birthing happens. Next comes summer and with it the whole of the vegetation world is at its peak and full of vibrant life. It’s a time when everything in nature is working at its best strength. The autumn season follows the summer with the shedding of leaves and the tress preparing to go into a resting mode. So the fall season, as it is called, is the time when nature is beginning to wrap up all that was in the summer and get set for a period of resting in winter. The winter of course, is the time when nature takes a break and goes into hibernation, so that it can come back in full strength in the following spring.

Now how is that connected to us as women, you may ask, right ? Well, a woman’s body goes through these four seasons every month through her menstrual cycle. Therefore we must respect our energies in each phase of our monthly cycle and do what nature does. Of course there are practical difficulties in doing that as we live in a social and family set up wherein everything and everyone is dependent on us. Thats how we have been taught until now and we grew up believing that we have to be super women.So we keep trying to operate at our summer levels of energy all the time. This creates burn-out and fatigue. Giving ourselves no time to rest and rejuvenate in the winter phase of our menstrual cycles. All this takes its toll on our health too, leading to lifestyle dis-eases and female health problems in the longer run.

When we don’t work with the natural rhythm of our body, we tend to get irritated, frustrated, moody, agitated, depressed, emotional, confused and anxious. All these emotions then affect us adversely and we start thinking less of ourselves. Our bodies begin to get tired, fatigued, lethargic, dull, drained and so very lifeless at times.That leads to us thinking that we are useless, not worthy enough, not good enough and unnecessarily beat ourselves further down the rabbit hole. We even get angry with our own selves for not being able to be there for everyone and everything. But that is not how nature works, isn’t it ? And that is also not how women’s bodies are designed to work. Therefore , we must follow our personal rhythm and cyclical phases to know how we can organically operate for the highest good of our physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, financial, career and spiritual growth. The secret to our overall growth is actually hidden in the cycle of our periods. Isn’t that amazing ?

I have been working with my cyclical rhythm for the last few years now. And it has benefitted me so much to stay in my place of power. To take a stand for myself. To feel self-sufficient and not depend on anyone else for my happiness. I am better able to take decisions and have clarity on my goals. I can speak my truth without getting overly emotional or hurting others. When I am happy and rested, I am able to work better for others with patience and compassion. Loving myself and my body and having time for myself gives me peace and the space to be the woman I want to be. To be the woman I am meant to be. And I’ll tell you a personal secret. I have already crossed my menopausal threshold and yet I am able to sync my energies with my own body’s spring-summer-autumn- winter cycle of period energies. Yes, I love my body and my life as a woman. And I hope today I have been able to inspire you enough to respect the rhythms of your own bodies.

Get in touch with your natural rhythm ladies. Your menstrual cycle is your best friend. And there is so much more to it than just bad blood.


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