Against All Odds

Laja profiles Ms. Julie Thakkar, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, NLP Practioner, Counsellor, Phonics and Grammar Educator

They say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

This is exactly what our Laja Woman of the week, Ms. Julie Thakkar has done.

Married at the early age of 18 to fulfil her grandmother’s last wish, Julie Thakkar has been facing life’s odds ever since – with a lot of grit, determination and strength.

Julie was a victim of domestic violence and food deprivation early on in her marriage. There were days when she had to sleep hungry. She lost her first baby. Her second child was born with a hearing loss and she did not receive any financial support or security from her in laws. Due to her financial situation, she started taking tuitions and also started doing embroidery work. She was not allowed to go out and do a 9 to 5 job, hence she constantly upgraded herself. She learnt Tarot, NLP, Numerology, Phonics and Grammar, and started earning in bits and saving as well.

Slowly, she started getting recognition and earning money. But yet it wasn’t enough for her son’s second implant. This led her to realise that she could be a wall between her son and the world, but she had her limits too and that it was ok. Acceptance of this reality created peace within her.

She practices visualisation and never forgets to keep her crystals with her. And whenever in doubt, she consults her tarot cards and they never fail to guide her in the right direction.

Success to her is having all the things which give her mental peace and happiness.

She feels an immense sense of satisfaction when she is able to give an accurate reading of tarot cards or numerology to her clients.

Giving success mantras to aspiring mompreneurs, she says, “Make sure you look at every problem from different angles and from different point of views. This alone will get you closer to the solution”.

Secondly, “Never give up. You might feel initially that your efforts are not bearing fruit, but keep working at it and ultimately none of your efforts will be wasted and you will definitely see the results”.

Laja salutes this determined woman who has made a place for herself in spite of life’s odds.

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

Inspiration in Life
My Dadi.
Book/s that inspired
you the most
The Bhagvad Geeta
What you love about
My Smile, I am a good listener and I am Helpful.
What you dislike
about yourself?
Emotional, Unforgiving and Undiplomatic.
What motivates You?When I see others doing great – in spite of their problems.
Favourite Quote you live byShraddha, Saburi. Do your work with faith and patience and you will definitely see the results.


25 thoughts on “Against All Odds”

  1. “You might feel initially that your efforts are not bearing fruit, but keep working at it and ultimately none of your efforts will be wasted and you will definitely see the results”

    I loved this the most! God bless you Julie, keep smiling!

  2. Truly inspiring Julie. To fight against all odds and come out successfully is real life. To keep fighting and move on is saga of life. Rainbow comes after rainfall and so is life. Great all your efforts have paid off. Proud of my school mate.

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