From Strength to Strength

Profile Story of Rajani Mahishi
Doctor, Medical Examiner\Investigator for Insurance Companies

Rajani Mahishi has spent an interesting life and she has travelled to those remote parts of India that we may have only heard about or seen on a map. Her job as a Medical Investigator for Insurance Companies, requires her to travel far and wide in order to interview the clients and to gather relevant as well as accurate data that can be used by the Insurance agencies when medical claims are presented before them.

Born to an Army Officer father, Rajani led a very disciplined life in her growing up years especially she was the oldest of three children. She was married off immediately after she completed her medicine studies as her father was ailing. She is glad that she complied with his wishes as he passed away within six months of her getting married.It gives her great satisfaction as she feels that she was able to give her father the honour of performing her ‘kanyadaan.’

She is married to business man within her own community as it was an arranged marriage. Being a doctor, she had always hoped for a partner who wasn’t from the same profession as her. She considers her husband to be her biggest support system and closest friend.She often turns to him for guidance and encouragement. Luckily for her, she was blessed with a caring family post her marriage.

Rajani partners with five to six insurance companies and is responsible for conducting an investigation of health claims. She considers herself to be a business woman and takes pride in saying that she does her work with complete honesty and integrity.

Rajani’s greatest fear has always been of losing a loved one. But certain life experiences have made her realise who are the ones that have stood by her and those who have not. She no longer feels tied down by unnecessary relationships as she has identified those which really matter.Sadguru’s sermons guide her and provide her peace in times of anxiety and apprehensions. She also reaches out to her husband when she feels the need get an opinion, to seek advice or to just vent out. She calls him her backbone.

Rajani views failures and setbacks to be an integral part of life. If there is happiness, then sadness is never far behind. They work hand in hand to bring about an equilibrium in life.

At the onset of her career, Rajani faced many teething issues. She was venturing into something new with not much guidance and hence she had to learn on the job. Everyday brought new challenges for her and she had to figure out things on her own. She would often travel for close to 200kms in an auto rickshaw to get to her clients. It was tough work, physically and mentally too. But she never once thought of giving up. Her work brought her great happiness and pride. She has worked hard to achieve a very respected status within her work circle. She fought to get rid of the many stigmas associated with being a lady doctor in the field of Insurance. This gives her immense happiness and satisfaction. 

If there was one thing that she could go back and change, then that would be the fact that she was always so busy with work that she ignored her health which has given rise to several health concerns for her now. She wishes she could have been more sensitive to the needs of her body.

Giving birth to her daughter is the single most magical moment of her life but she had to leave her little on at home and resume work within fifteen days of having delivered her baby through a cesarean. There was no other option if she wanted to retain her job at the hospital where she was employed. From that day to now, she has never stopped working, spending a minimum of seven hours each day at work.

Rajani has an insatiable love for life. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, cooking for them, beautifying her home and going on vacations. There is definitely more to life than just work.

Rajani says that education is very important to bring structure and discipline in one’s life. It allows you to take control of your destiny and be able to guide it in the right direction. Her definition of success is a little different. She says that at the end of the day, she defines her success by the number of people she has been able to make happy. She says that there is a direct relationship between the number of blessings she has and with how successful she considers herself to be. The more the blessings, the more successful she is.

For someone whose biggest inspiration is Swami Vivekananda, Rajani finds her motivation in the people she meets and interacts with on a daily basis. She says that when she looks at the hardships that others face in their life, she finds the courage to keep moving forward.

Her advice to other women like her is that always remember life is only as complicated as you make it to be. It is easy to keep it simple. Make the most of what you have and ensure that you utilize your resources to the maximum. Being spiritual helps one in attaining a sense of peace and calm that assists in relieving stress and anxiety of any sort.

Team Laja wishes that Rajani is able to achieve all that she aspires for and may she move forward from strength to strength.

A book that inspires you.The complete works of Swami Vivekananda and books by the Sadguru
Somethings you like about yourself.Dynamic Personality, Friendly nature, Honest
Somethings that you dislike about yourself.Hasty decision maker, eat too fast, cannot trust easily, easily irritated.


47 thoughts on “From Strength to Strength”

    1. Proud to be ur sister…. Your loyalty towards hard work has brought u til this are strong & independent very few ladies are successful in profession & personal life & u are one of the example and U deserve it didi

  1. Your voyage of life will cross all the hurdles . Because I know you are very hard working & diligent. Wishing you loads of success , joy & tons of happiness & love always !!

  2. Proud to be your friend Rajani. You are a strong woman. And I wish the number of people who are happy because of you increase day by day and you be blessed with abundant satisfaction.
    Keep going….👍👍

  3. Anshuma Mathur

    Yes you are dynamic ..from the moment I met you first till today you have inspired me ..take care of your health for your loved ones .Too helpful and beautiful are a package ..thanks that we’ve met ..👍❤️

  4. Great… really inspiring!! You are a real fighter and a true seeker, ever ready to learn! So vibrating & loving.. you always make me admire you and love you💖
    Keep shining, keep radiating happiness!!!

  5. Wowwww……. Truly inspirational !!! The statement “She would often travel for close to 200kms in an auto rickshaw to get to her clients.” shows the dedication and passion. More power to you. All the best !!!!!

  6. Yeah up, indeed I had learnt alot more from you,u never took away that smile even at ur stressful situation, including humble approach to anyone

  7. S Ramesh Kumar

    Got to know so many things about you Doc👍.
    Admire your courage and confidence to scale heights.
    God bless you and power you with more strength and patience to continue to be helpful and compassionate towards fellow humans 🙏.

  8. I know rajni mam from past 10 years and she is the most beautiful soul . she is full of energy . inspire me how to make your home beautiful and the same time how to manage your profession.she is so hard working and kind.i love u mam.

  9. Dr Usha Heranjal

    Most enthusiastic person, well dedicated to her job,fully balanced work and home person,very passionate, loving lady, self beauty too. Hope God bless her with choicest blessings and very safe, happy healthy life throughout.

  10. Neha Pradip Sharan

    Rajni ji , U are a self reliant , strong and independent woman. And u have self confidence without having to rely on another person or society for validation. U express who u are and don’t need to try fitting a certain mold.thats the best part of you I like.
    Keep going strong and stay healthy. God bless.


    Really Very Hard Working.
    Inspirational to many.
    To manage Family & Professional work successfully is really very tough.
    All the best for Bright & Succesful Future.

  12. Truly the iron lady…always determined & relentlessly never give up ..had a wonderful time working with her..All the strength to u Dr Rajani !

  13. Ashvin Halbhavi

    Feels very proud about my school mate Dr.Rajini. She is disciplined and hard working right from her school days. May God give her good health and more chance to help the needy.

  14. Vasanthi Harihar

    Hats off to you Rajani
    Great going
    Keep it up
    Am very proud of you
    Am proud of my bro too who has stood strong with you through your journey
    Well done 👍👌

  15. A true fighter in life who always lead her life for loved ones and dedicated service to her professional life with a best companion as her better half. It’s truely inspirational and really feel blessed and proud to have an amazing friend like you. Keep smiling ever 👍💐

  16. Proud to be your sister….. your loyalty towards hard work has brought u til this sucess. You are strong and independent being doctor as profession very few ladies are successful in profession and personal life and u are one of the example

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