Meet Mrs. Dollar Deshmukh, Counsellor and Sexuality Educator in the corporate, medical and social service sector.

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LAJA: Tell us about your journey thus far.

DD: My name is Mrs. Dollar Sushil Deshmukh and I am 34 years old. Happily married for 8 years now and have a 5-year-old daughter Paakhi.

I have worked for Prithvi Group of Companies as Sr. Manager – Administration & HR for 8 years.

I am like an open book believe in always sharing knowledge.

LAJA: Tell us something about your family background and education

DD: I am often called “Lady Krishna” by my family and friends because I was raised by my maternal Uncle and aunt, and hence have two sets of parents, so to say!

I completed my graduation and went on to do Advertising and PR from Welingkar Institute. I am a constant learner and always wanted to be a counsellor, hence I did a certificate course in counselling. Realising the need of the hour, as far as the youth today are concerned, I got myself trained as a sexuality educator.

LAJA: What are the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

DD: After I resigned from my corporate career, we shifted to our small nest – away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in the midst of nature. Relocating had its own challenges. It was a culture shock for me as the kind of people around me were very different from city folks. To begin with, my Marathi wasn’t as fluent as theirs. Travelling long distances in rural areas was a problem. I was considered as an outsider and building trust and rapport with them was a challenge. Another challenge was to meet, interact and educate the young women of the village against practices like child marriage. Nevertheless, I started off by contacting schools, NGO’s, health care centres and local doctors and offered my services for free to them. Gradually people started appreciating my work and today, I am associated to many doctors, NGO’s and schools and they all look forward to my visits.

LAJA: What are the most satisfying moments in your career?

DD: Contrary to the popular belief that a woman’s life comes to a standstill after she becomes a mother, my life actually began after my daughter was born. I went on to accomplish things and venture into areas I never thought I would! I did baby-wearing dance, performed at a flash mob and took part in Pinkathon. I also learned graphology, counselling, pranic healing, baking, self defense, tarot card reading, NLP and much more.

LAJA: What are some of your failures and mistakes and your learnings from them?

DD: I was a slow learner in school, but that did deter me from achieving what I wanted. Also, I had failed relationships because I trusted too easily. Today, I am more cautious and do not trust people easily.

Biggest mistake I feel I have made is not voicing my choices during my growing up years. I was Ok with whatever came my way while deep inside somewhere I knew I needed to raise my voice.

It’s necessary to speak about how you feel and not let anything that you are not comfortable with to continue. As it’s rightly said – “What you allow is what will continue” I was the victim of this and it took me a while to turn the table and be vocal about my thoughts and needs.

LAJA: How would you define success?

DD: Success is a state of mind. One might achieve one’s goals and still not be happyIf you are happy from within, then you are successful.

For me SUCCESS= PEACE/ Successful = Peaceful.

LAJA: What advice would you like to give your fellow woman entrepreneurs?

DD: Firstly, self-love is the greatest virtue for any woman. Secondly, keep learning and evolving – there is no age limit to learn something new. Thirdly, it’s OK to be vulnerable at times and ask for help. And last but not the least, put your foot down, be vocal and clear about your wants and desires.

LAJA: Do you feel formal education play a role in being successful?

DD: I feel any kind of education; may it be formal or not plays its role in business.

To know the trend and to be in the sync with the world, market and time helps one survive .

LAJA: How do you generate new ideas to keep your family happy and grow your business?

DD: I discuss everything with my husband and it’s always a two way communication. We clearly talk about wishes, expectations, needs etc. to avoid any kind of miscommunication or argument.

Fact File: Dollar Deshmukh;
Counsellor & Sexuality Educator.

Greatest Inspiration in Life My father and my husband.
Book/s that inspired you the most 1000+ Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently
– By Marc & Angel Chernoff..
What you love about yourself? Approachable, Honest, Courageous
What you dislike about yourself? Procrastination
What motivates you? Constant Learning and Travelling.
Favourite Quote you live by BE- Don’t try to become.


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  1. strong willed but Compassionate…Dedicated… Brave & honest ..personality
    ….. Perfect for being counselor ..
    All the very best …you have and will be helping & inspiring many …

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