Meet Priyanka Shah – Right Brain Activation Trainer & NLP Practioner.

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LAJA: Tell us about your journey thus far.

PS: My journey has been like a roller coaster ride from being a pampered daughter to best student in school to a wife and mother and then an entrepreneur. Each stage had its own unique challenges which made them equally exciting.

We are a family of five – Me, My husband, in-laws and my 8-year-old champ. I have done my Masters in finance but didn’t continue with my job. I became a home maker.

After the gap of 2 years, due to financial difficulties, I realised that I have to step up and try to help my husband financially. But I also had the responsibility of a 4-month old baby, hence wanted to do something on my own terms. I started selling imitation jewellery, but did not have enough capital. So I started taking jewellery on lease to sell to retailers. Whatever profit I made, I re-invested in the business. But I was not satisfied with the profit. During that time, I come across a very unique course on Midbrain Activation techniques for kids. I started working as a teacher with one of the franchisee. Later, I took my own Midbrain Activation & DMIT franchise. And then there was no looking back! I started my own classes. Initially it was very difficult to gather students and make parents believe in this, but gradually I started getting results and could get the quantum of students to form several batches.

LAJA: What are the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

PS: Getting clients for my business was the biggest challenge. I used to go to each and every parent to explain about the course and its benefits. I started off with my family and friends and gradually got clients outside my circle.

LAJA: What are the most satisfying moments in your career?

PS: After doing my masters in finance and selling jewellery literally going door to door…. I am today doing what I always wanted to do – and that is counselling. I did various diploma courses like NLP, Masters in Reiki, Crystal Healing and Tarot reading, which are helping me to teach, train and give right guidance to people. I make them hopeful about life when they have given up on it – and show them the beautiful years that lie ahead. This is the most satisfying part of my work.

LAJA: What are some of your failures and mistakes and your learnings from them?

PS: Failing to build a team for my own Brain Power franchisee is what I count to be my biggest failure.

LAJA: How would you define success?

PS: According to me success is achieving the goal of your life.

LAJA: What advice would you like to give your fellow woman entrepreneurs?

PS: Firstly, take others along with you. Encourage and help others to achieve their goals.

Secondly, Be consistent in your approach and work.

Last but not least, have discipline in your daily routine.

LAJA: Do you feel formal education play a role in being successful?

PS: In my case, the answer is no. My formal education was just 10% of my ability to run a business – the rest came from my thinking power, my creativity and my self-confidence.

LAJA: How do you generate new ideas to keep your family happy and grow your business?

PS: This is very important and every morning I wake up early to spend at least 15-20 minutes thinking about newer ways to keep my family happy and grow my business.

Fact File: Priyanka Shah
Right Brain Activation Trainer and NLP Practitioner.

Greatest Inspiration in Life My Mother
Book/s that inspired you the most The Secret
What you love about yourself? I am a quick learner, gel easily with
new people and am fairly outspoken
What you dislike about yourself? Stubborn, Sensitive.
What motivates you? My attitude of accepting challenges in life
Favourite Quote you live by The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.


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