Super Woman

So, what exactly are we celebrating on 8th March?
Are we celebrating progress? Are we celebrating the roles of a woman? Are we celebrating the various functions? Time to think about what is the essence of a woman.

She is just that –
‘A WOMAN’ – A sweet little child who loves pink, that daring adolescent who tries her mother’s cosmetics while no one is looking, that aspiring young damsel who is as worried about her studies as she is about the latest fashion trends, that shy little bride who grabs her husband’s hand while yearning to earn respect in her new home, that experimenting parent who cares for her child like no one else and that confident entrepreneur who can shake the world (at least her own) *”She is just a Woman.”*
And with these multitudes of roles you might want to add her function based roles, She’s a Friend too, a Philosopher, Teacher, Nanny, Nurse, Housemaid, Entrepreneur, Manager, Business executive and much more. Today’s woman is juggling between various roles where she’s still struggling to find her own footing.

So, on this International Women’s Day, let’s remind our little girls or the next generation that it’s not about being Princesses, and damsels in distress. Let’s teach them instead that they should strive to be literary Legends, Doctors, Lawyers, Painters, and Dreamers and most importantly to be Believers in Themselves as opposed to believers in the so-called happily ever afters. And to show them how they can achieve their dreams by attending a networking event or creating their own events, as they are a great way to meet men and women who share the same concerns and face the same challenges as them. A quick search will reveal a multitude of online and offline events that you can attend – for which team LAJA is putting their amazing efforts! All it takes is some sweet time from your busy schedule with some coffee and lovely people to meet too.
We individually are one drop but together, we are an Ocean
This women’s day, apart from treating yourself, get involved in such organizations dedicated to women and grow yourself.

A small dedication to allthe beauties reading these on this special day:

She is the power of sacrifice. She is unafraid of touching the skies.
Admire her, she’ll enclose you in her heart.
Maim her and she’ll tear you apart.
Mild and soft, she’s the fragrant rose
Cradle her unfairly bear her woes.
She’s the rising sun, brightening your life, like a Mother, Daughter, Friend or Wife.
Her warmth and light erase all the gloom. Enrage her and she’ll lead you towards doom.
She’s the wine. Deep and mature. Shaping herself according to contour.
Devour her sparingly as if she’s rare, she’ll be toxic if tackled without care.
Choose wisely what you desire of a woman. Resides both within her, an angel and a demon.

Celebrate Womanhood in any age, A Woman is just that – Not to be judged, Not to be toyed, not to be Belittled BUT To be Cherished, To be Admired, To be Loved.

The day men start to think of women in their entirety, we will not need a day to celebrate Womanhood. Are you that man who can view women in the right spirit? Are you that woman who can demand to be viewed in that spirit?
If YES : “Pledge to Yourself to Respect Woman’s Dignity and Give her the Desired space in Life for all of her aspirations.”




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