Woman – A Multi-tasker

Being able to do more than one thing at a time is not easy. I am talking somewhere around the ancient times when a very known female named Jhansi Rani Laxmibai took the world by the storm.

In the eyes of the people encircling her, she was but the most courageous female on the face of Earth. A woman who was known for carrying her son and fighting with the Britishers for the kingdom during the war. Also, during those days men were going out for hunting and getting food for the family, while the women stayed back at home so as to prepare food for the family and do their respective household work. So since then it has been a proven fact that the female brain is much more adept at multitasking as compared to men.

A female is inborn with these capabilities. She fits herself in all sorts of scenarios, be it homemaking or handling the office, that too without any compromises. She knows how to handle things when in pressure, with loads and loads of positive attitude and without letting her values down or showcasing any sort of unethical behavior.
Few of the other examples we all know are:
_Mother Teresa_ – a selfless personality who dedicated her life to help the poor.
_Queen Elizabeth_ – ruled over the UK for around 50 years.
_Indira Gandhi_ – India’s first female Prime minister.
_Benazir Bhutto_ – The first female to head the muslim state and serve as Pakistan’s Prime Minister.
_Mary Kom_ – mother of 2 children and an amazing sport personality.
_Kalpana Chawla_ – the first astronaut to go in space.
_Arunima Sinha_ – a physically challenged woman who made it to Mount Everest summit.
_P.V.Sindhu_ first Indian female to win the Olympic Silver medal.

And the best example before us: *Laja* – Run by powerful women.
Wrestling, Cricket, etc all these sports were once played only by men but not anymore.

Is it that these women faced no challenges? All of them did but they took it in their stride and look where they are today! They’re on the tip of our tongues whenever we speak about the strong women of the World.

Women are blessed with the power to take any difficult challenges in life be it in their career, as a wife or as a mother. Women know how to maintain a balance between personal and professional life single handedly which in today’s world has become a must to sustain well.

Aren’t these examples good enough for one to understand that women can take the world to a different level?

The most responsible person in the family is a woman and I really believe that if there is no happiness that means there’s no woman in that home because woman is light of the home.  She knows how to be a giver with a great smile on her face, without letting a single soul known about what she’s going through even for a bit.So God forbid, if you ever have a bad day, just read this and remember: You are a MultiTasker, You are a woman and women are *SHAKTI*. And according to Shastra Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, we bow down to Shakti. So never let your moral, substance, desire or motivation stifle. Be an inspiration and stand for yourself. Be proud of being a *Woman*.

Cheers to Female Power 



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