A Homeopath, an entrepreneur and an exemplary mother. Meet Dr. Anita Sharma

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LAJA: Tell us about your journey this far.

ANITA: I am the eldest daughter of my parents born and brought up in Malad, Mumbai. After completing schooling and securing the top rank in my school in 1986, I took up science and pursued medical studies in homoeopathy. I have since been associated with many hospitals, clinics, clubs, societies and corporate houses as well. In fact, even during college years, I interned at polyclinics and maternity homes and tutored young children to share the burden of fees with my parents.

LAJA: Tell us something about your family background and education

ANITA: I belong to a conservative and strict Marwari Brahmin family. Being the eldest, it was expected of me to learn cooking and other skills which would prepare me to be a great homemaker. But I was interested in pursuing medicine from a very young age. My grandmother was absolutely against this and my father too expressed his inability to financially support me in realising this dream. My mother was my shield against these odds and supported my decision. I started taking tuitions to support the family. Our home was always flooded with relatives from native place who came to Mumbai to attend family functions and events. Most days, it was a challenge to find a peaceful place to study. I remember studying at odd places and odd hours. These difficulties seem trivial now and I laugh when I think of them, but it wasn’t easy then. But my passion to become a doctor kept me going. I studied hard and was a topper throughout my academic life. I won many scholarships and awards including the Smita Patil award. I also excelled at Bharat Natyam and Art.

LAJA: You have worked quite a lot with the student community in Kota. Tell us about your experience there.

ANITA: I got married in 1994 and settled in Kota, Rajasthan. Kota, as you know is an education hub. There, I worked relentlessly with the student community. Since they were staying away from

home, I was not only their doctor but also their friend, guide and mentor. I was also associated with Bharat Vikas Parishad Hospital, as an Honorary physician and senior consultant homoeopath.

LAJA: How have you upgraded yourself and kept yourself updated with new developments in your field?

ANITA: We shifted back to Mumbai in 2009 and I wanted to restart my medical practice here, but my husband needed my help in the education venture he was starting and so, I decided to join him in his business.

We are into career counselling and mainly focus on mentoring young minds and helping them to be better versions of themselves. This helps them know themselves better and thus, realize their true calling. In the meantime, I started upgrading myself with various healing techniques like NLP, Grapho, Chakra Healing, Hypnosis, EFT, ST, Emotional Healing. I recently restarted my medical practice with the addition of these techniques for my clients. Currently I am associated with Times of India – NIE group and do seminars and workshops for their students, teachers and staff on various issues.

LAJA: What are the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

ANITA: I wouldn’t term it as a challenge, but a professional hazard. Being in this field, we are always more concerned more about the wellbeing of our clients rather than the monetary gains. Both of us are not commercial minded, and have suffered time and again because of this. We had some major set-backs in the business some years ago, because of which we suffered huge losses and are under huge debts. But our professional calling, which is also our life calling is to help others out of their miseries and problems, and so, we never focused on our problems and always went ahead whole heartedly and served the community. Our life even now is a constant struggle and mostly it’s not easy to meet the ends, but the cases which we have been able to help have given us the courage to keep moving ahead and their blessings and best wishes have inspired us to continue this journey.

LAJA: What are your most satisfying moments in your career?

ANITA: Fortunately, we are in a field where we get this feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment almost every day. Whenever a student achieves a top rank or lands a dream job, we get a lot of blessings and grateful wishes from their family and that’s a reward for us.

Every time I am able to cure some incurable disease …. or avoid surgeries …. or decrease the pain and suffering of my patients, – just giving them a reason to smile and a good night relaxed sleep which they couldn’t get, it gives a sense of fulfilment.

Recently I healed a patient who was advised cardiac surgery. She was one of my initial patients in Kota and her daughter tracked me down in Mumbai – I them the right advice along with some medicines and physiotherapy. Today she is back on her feet without any surgery. Similarly, there was this case of a very timid and dyslexic child who was just not able to cope up with the studies and was failing badly in all her exams and couldn’t speak in front of anybody. She was suggested to pursue archery based on her aptitude. Today, she is really shinning so bright, that she has

been featured with Sachin Tendulkar in an advertisement for sports promotion by a company. She has started doing Malkhamb, her concentration and focus improved and she is doing well in her studies too. These kinds of cases give us lot of motivation to be more emphatic and responsible towards our patients.

LAJA: What are some of your failures and mistakes and your learnings from them?

ANITA: I wouldn’t call them failures – only learnings. And my biggest learning is to be mindful and live in the now. Another most important learning is to accept change or you will perish. Mistakes…again I would say there are no mistakes – only learnings. Learn from them and move ahead. When Edison was asked in an interview how he feels about inventing the light bulb after 999 failed attempts, he said that he

“Edison had not only invented one way of making the light bulb but also 999 ways of how not to do it!”

LAJA: How would you define success?

ANITA: I think success is being content and happy with what you are or have and being able to do what you love doing every day without overthinking about the outcomes. Success is to be able to enjoy freely without feeling guilty.

LAJA: What advice would you like to give your fellow woman entrepreneurs?

ANITA: Always plan, have goals, write the plan and follow it. Enjoy what you do. Keep it simple.

LAJA: Do you feel formal education play a role in being successful?

ANITA: Actually I feel that formal education limits us rather than equip us because it makes us follow the standard process, which works only under normal, controlled circumstances and in life nothing is standard, and we have to be ready and equipped with all our resources. Having said that I always tell my students that formal education or the certification or degree is just the Entry Ticket which you can swipe and enter the world of competition. After that everything depends on your aptitude, attitude, skills, personality, mind-set, passion, zeal and integrity.

So we cannot underestimate the formal education but again we cannot and should not rely on it completely.

LAJA: How do you generate new ideas to keep your family happy and grow your business?

ANITA: For family – just provide them with the space, environment and company – rest will follow. Each one is then responsible for his/her own happiness. Similarly, for business, if you are passionate about your work, new ideas just flow and you don’t need to work too hard on getting them.

Fact File: Dr. Anita Sharma
Consultant Homeopath, Certified NLP Practitioner,
Life Coach, Career Designer, Academic Strategist,
Wellness Consultant – Times of India – NIE

Greatest Inspiration in Life My mother, my teachers and successful personalities from all walks of life
Book/s that inspired you the most Literature on healing, The Secret, Healthy body and many more.
What you love about yourself? My smile, My Empathetic nature, My singing.
What you dislike about yourself? My anger, my anxiety, inability to say NO.
What motivates you? The contentment on the face of my patients and clients.
Favourite Quote you live by Hazaron Khwaishen aisi..


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  1. Thanks a million Riddhi,Tina,Team Laja and all my dear friends ❣️…
    I am so very humbled and grateful for your kind gesture of promoting and supporting the goodness hidden in each of us…
    Just have no words to express my sincere thanks…
    When you are trying to make a difference in the lives of the needy and feel tired kind gestures like these lighten up you and re-energise you to keep moving…
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  2. Superbly inspiring journey. God bless you and your family. An impressive example set by you for youngsters that following your passion is indeed worthwhile !!

  3. Ma’am you have always been a huge guidance for me ..there are a few things that I will never forget like the flower analogy makes me think about life on a different level..thank you so much for your hard work and love ❤️

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