Man Ka Ho Toh Accha aur Man Ka Na Ho Toh Aur Bhi Achha

Man Ka Ho Toh Accha aur Man Ka Na Ho Toh Aur Bhi Achha. …Amitabh Bachchan.

This famous quote by none other than the great Amitabh Bachchan is what Sonia Anand lives by.

Imagine a scenario where, after 18 years of marriage, and 3 years of abuse, you have no choice but to walk out of a bad marriage and are left alone to fend for yourself and your kids? You have been a home maker all along, with no ambitions of having a career or owning a business. But all that suddenly changes and you have to find work, settle down, manage the kids and start afresh – all on your own.

Daunting isn’t it? This is exactly the situation faced by Sonia Anand. But she was not one to give up. Today, she is a leading counsellor who follows her heart truly.

This is her story, as narrated to Team Laja.

Coming from a Brahmin family of scholars, with everyone in the family being well read and holding post graduate degrees, Sonia too, was selected for MBBS, but could not fulfil her dreams of becoming a doctor due to financial crisis in the family.

Looking back today, she feels that she had a chance to say no to such an early marriage (she got married when she was 20), and regrets that she didn’t take that chance.

The biggest challenge she faced after her marriage ended, was finding work – with no prior experience and at the age of forty, it was a struggle. But Sonia faced the challenge head on. In her own words, “NEVER say that you cannot do it. You may be tired, but that is the time you need to push yourself most”.

Today, work is easier to come by. Clients believe in the quality of her work and recommend her strongly to others. She feels that formal education does play a role in work life, but it is the experience which is the bigger teacher. It is this experience which has taught her that adding a fun quotient to work by cracking jokes and asking riddles to kids has its advantages. It is what brings a smile to their face and makes her work lighter. Her mantra is “Smile and Have Faith and you shall see all problems vanish”

She derives great satisfaction from the fact that she can help people who are depressed. She can counsel them, give them confidence and offer them a safe haven where they can express their feelings freely.

Her greatest motivation is life itself – and of course her kids. According to her, in the early years of motherhood, she could have been a better mother, but she was more focussed on being a good wife. She realizes that she cannot change that, but look to the future and be the best mom to her kids. On parenting she says. “Allow your kids to make mistakes and let them know you have their back.”

A typical day in her life revolves around her kids and her work. The day begins with enjoying a cup of tea with her elder daughter, followed by preparing lunch and dinner. Her work begins at 3pm in the afternoon and goes on till 9pm. Dinner time is relaxed – a great opportunity to spend quality time with the kids. Weekends are a time for masti and relaxation.

On being asked as to how she would define success, Sonia says” Success is having a good meal with your loved ones. It is having food, clothing and a safe and secure place to live in. Success means to be satisfied in the knowledge that you have not wronged anyone. And finally, it means seeing your Mai Apni Favourite Hoon… Greatest Inspiration in Life Parents, Lord Shiva, Quote by Amitabh Bachchan Book/s that inspired you most Many including Bhagvad Geeta What you love about yourself? I love myself 100% What you dislike about yourself? Nothing What motivates you? My life and my kids Favourite Quote you live by Man Ka Ho Toh Achha aur Man Ka Na Ho Toh Aur Bhi Achha. children achieving their goals and having a good life”

Sonia derives great strength from her parents who have instilled in her the values of honesty and determination and also from her faith in Lord Shiva.

Looking back, Sonia reveals to Team Laja, how, she had to let go off her troubled marriage and leave behind so much to reach where she is today. But, in the process she found the most important person in her life – HERSELF! And that assures her that it was all worth it.

Team Laja salutes her NEVER SAY DIE spirit and wishes her all the very best for the future.

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

Greatest Inspiration in LifeParents, Lord Shiva, Quote by Amitabh Bachchan
Book/s that inspired you the mostMany including Bhagvad Geeta
What you love about yourself?I love myself 100%.
What you dislike about yourself?Nothing.
What motivates you?My life and my kids.
Favourite Quote you live byMan Ka Ho Toh Achha aur Man Ka Na Ho Toh Aur Bhi Achha.


79 thoughts on “Man Ka Ho Toh Accha aur Man Ka Na Ho Toh Aur Bhi Achha”

  1. Sonia,your life story truly inspires many many people. To live by dignity is all we Laja women should know. To walk out from an abusive marriage is the wisest decision of your life.
    It set an example before your daughters ,how to lead a dignified life..Mentall peace is very important.. No matter some physical,material facilities are minus from your life but what ismatters for you most is there for you now is Yourself .
    All the very best for your life . More power to you.

  2. You are really inspiring mam.
    And what i like about you is you are always full of energy and motivated. Be like this always.
    Stay blessed.

  3. So true, One should never give up. Life continuously keep teaching us something more valuable every day.
    All the very best Sonia for your life.

  4. Life may be tough at some point, but DESTINY is not created by the SHOES we wear but by the STEPS we take…

  5. Your story reminds me of the movie Thappad where she walks out because she values herself. Truly inspiring story .

  6. Truly inspiring… I have met Sonia Anand only once.. but her positive attitude, big smile and that warm tight hug will never leave my mind. Women like you inspire…. “we are truly no less than anyone else… so should we not root for ourselves first!!”

  7. Truly inspired by your life story, Sonia. You’re such a brave woman, fighting all odds & emerging successfully. May you achieve all your dreams & keep motivating others.

  8. Devanshu Tripathi

    For me u r my reason to smile ☺️😁
    U r a true warrior ☺️
    Being ur friend is a blessing for me ☺️
    Watching u motivates me☺️😁
    Be happy always ☺️😍 Stay strong as u r ☺️😍
    Really proud of u alot 😘☺️
    Sonia Anand Rocks 😍

  9. Your lines “you love yourself 100% and you disliked nothing about yourself” inspired me the most. You faced lots of hardships in your life and then came out of it like a shining star. Keep rising in your future endeavors and enjoy life with your family to the fullest.

  10. Very inspiring!! More strength and power to you Sonia. Feel so happy for you that you displayed such strength in dire circumstances!! God bless you and your children abundantly!

  11. awesome salute to the never dying spirit and never ending smile.. surely a light house to all others.. RESPECT

  12. I never met her but her words always gives me strength to come over of any critical situation…She is an inspiration…keep writing & keep motivate us…Loads of love🥰🥰


  14. Hey dear, i am always fascinated by the lovely smile u hv on ur face. It shows us the light in darkness we face. Your vibes are always soothing and inspiring. Your never give up attitude gives hope to so many. You have such a big heart to reach out to all in need. Hats off to ur couragecourage n ur inspiring journey

  15. She is actually an energetic loving woman who works hard for her small little family
    Her daughters understand her struggle and give her great support. She lives with confidence and dignity. Keep inspiring others.. cheers 🍻

  16. Perfect blend of Grace and Grit Sonia is . The ability to call a spade a spade without mincing words and at the same time be a mentor to many is something which I really admire about her .

  17. Soni, you are an awesome person – strong, fun ,determined and a good mother. It is fantastic to see you featured here. Always shine bright – life abhi shuru hui hai .

  18. Soni, you are an awesome person – strong, fun ,determined and a good mother. It is fantastic to see you featured here. Always shine bright – life abhi shuru hui hai .

  19. Amazing women ,a strong personality with never giving up attitudes,—really an inspirational story for all us …..stay blessed and keep smiling as always.

  20. I have gone through similar circumstances and survived. I relate to you totally
    So proud of you Sonia.. you are an inspiration to women like us and a fighter to the core.
    Your story has encouraged me that I am on the right path and will help when I feel down and alone.. that there are others that have survived this and how.
    Wishing you all the best.. Stay strong always

    1. Awesome…really inspiring..👌. true to every word here. She is there when you need one!! She’s got a heart bigger than her whole body (not literally)…love you a lot 😘😘 keep smiling always..🤗🤗🤗

  21. A strong lady with a wonderfully infectious smile .Hats off to you. Hod bless you in the journey of your life .You have fought against all odds and I wish you surpass many more.Keep rocckking as you are a Rockstar.

  22. Chak de phatte Kudiye ….never ever look back …may the future hold all that you deserve and much more 🌈❤️

  23. Awesome…really inspiring..👌. true to every word here. She is there when you need one!! She’s got a heart bigger than her whole body (not literally)…love you a lot 😘😘 keep smiling always..🤗🤗🤗

  24. Kaushal (Tathaaagat)

    She is indeed a beautiful soul….. She is the most cheerfull person i have ever talked to…. She reflects alot of positivity whenever i get to talk to her…. N its never abour the destiny in ones life its about the journey one carries on and she carried her journey beautifully….. Just wish her alot n lot of strenght so she keeps going forward….. Love of love to u dear…..❤️❤️

  25. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” ….and u never give up …that’s the spirit . We are proud of you Neeti…Stay positive, stay strong and shine brighter each day. U are a true inspiration for others.

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