Presenting the story of Avani Vakharia – Mompreneur and Relationship Coach.
Certified NLP coach. CTO with ISRA.

“When a child’s voice is suppressed, an opportunity is lost for both parent and child to connect. A child silenced is one who may have difficulty communicating when it matters”.

…Josh.K (https://facebook.com/thePeacefulPapa)

How does it feel being a GIRL?  Does God even exist??  Death is the only beautiful thing that can happen to me, isn’t it?  I hate myself and my life. Do I deserve love?? Oh shit it’s my birthday I hate this day!!!!

These are the thoughts that constantly plagued Avani’s mind during her childhood. Being born as a second girl child and seemingly the unwanted one in the family, childhood had never been easy. Being brought up under the constant reminder of being the less talented, less beautiful, less accomplished, she always had people around her pull her down, be it her grandparents, her aunts, her uncles, or her cousins. The only person she spoke with was HERSELF. Till date her greatest learning has been to stand up for herself and speak her heart out without the fear of being judged – something she was never allowed to do as a child.

Her childhood was quite challenging. As kids, she and her siblings grew up with deeply ingrained values like honesty, kindness and helpfulness. The only thing which they were not taught as kids was to receive LOVE and to love themselves. Despite having parents around, they always fought their battles alone. She knew that her parents were also fighting their own battles.

Avani never saw LOVE being expressed in her family. Due to the constant sibling rivalry with her elder sister, having her around became a competition for Avani and they never really connected. She tried finding solace in her outer world of friends, and grew up to be very independent and mature beyond her age. After her graduation she had an urge to make a career and be financially independent. This decision was not supported by her mother who wanted her to get married first.

When she got married, she hoped for a family who would love her wholeheartedly, but she was wrong. When you don’t love and respect you own self, people around you make you feel just the same. On hind sight, she feels getting married at a young age and trusting people around her to support her in pursuing her dreams was a mistake.


Avani’s story is not a story of mistakes, hopelessness and defeat, but of hope and victory. Of fighting inner demons and emerging victorious.

Hers is a story of fighting all odds, right from being suicidal to being mentally abused, she survived it all and it’s been a hell of a journey.

The Last 5 years were a transformation, when she finally decided to take control of her life – almost like a snake who had shed its whole skin to acquire a completely new one. She worked on her own self, correcting her inner talk, releasing all the suppressed emotions, forgiving people and herself, losing 21 kilos and finally learning that the journey is as important as the destination.

She does not regret her past – as it is her past that has made her what she is today.

Today she is a mompreneur – owning an online gifting solution business with a network of more than 400 customers and 50 resellers working with her. She is also a Relationship coach by profession. Speaking of the challenges in her business, she says, “Initially whenever you start something new you will be applauded and you would get a good response because its new. But as time passes and competition increases, the same products face a loss of interest in the market. So sustaining the business with the initial turnover is a challenge.”

The advice she has for women is to always be non-judgemental and stop pulling each other down – there’s place for everyone to grow and flourish.

Seeing her small, work from home business idea, growing into something huge and worthwhile today gives her immense satisfaction. So does her new transformed self. She is now a CTO with ISRA which is into the field of training and fostering emerging leadership. And the icing on the cake is being certified as a NLP COACH AND A RELATIONSHIP COUNSELOR. Being a counsellor, she feels it is of utmost importance to introduce sex education in schools today. She mostly works with HOMEMAKERS as she believes that if the roots of the house are strong enough the branches will flourish and bloom too.

True to her belief, she is an exemplary homemaker to her family of 3. She feels blessed that she looks at her teenage daughter, Mahi, with whom she is more of a friend and with whom she can freely discuss any topic. It is Mahi who keeps everyone happy and excited by coming up with new ideas every day.

On being asked on how she defines success, Avani says, “Success is not only about the goals you want to achieve but also the path that you take to get there. It is about being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit and creating the same environment for people around you.” Today, more than formal education, introducing topics like how to fight adversities, know your own self better and developing kindness and empathy towards others is much needed.

Laja is proud of this woman achiever and salutes her spirit. May her tribe grow.

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

Greatest Inspiration in LifeDhoni, Sneha Shah, Mother, Buddha, Satguru, Louise Hay
Book/s that inspired you the mostHeal your Life, All is Well.
What you love about yourself?Dedication, Resilience, Humility..
What you dislike about yourself?Not being business minded, forgiving easily
What motivates you?Life of our soldiers and their passion and dedication.
Favourite Quote you live byASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE, LIVE AND LET LIVE.



    1. Great going Avni. I know ,its very hard to fight with your nears and dears,which you did very efficiently. A very small amount of motivation,encouragement from your family,do wonders in your growth.which you and me , unfortunately never had. I can relate with your story and feel that.Still we stand alone and fight back ,and emerged as a wimner.❤️🌅.proud of you.

  1. Avani your story is so inspirational. Inspite of all odds in life …..you have made your life even .
    Totally agree …. Success is not just the goal … equally important is the path .

  2. Jayalakshmi Iyer

    Very inspiring story ! Without support from family, to face the challenges of life is something very difficult and Kudos to you for putting your foot down and making things work for you! Also forgiving is a very rare quality which you have mentioned as your weakness…it is infact one of the strengths you possess. It was an interesting read. Congratulations on your success!

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