Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.

The inspiring story of Beena Ramaiya;
Internationally certified Interior designer with 14 years
of experience in designing residential and commercial spaces.

Meet Beena Ramaiya – whose journey from being a homemaker to establishing her own interior design firm is remarkable. Team Laja captures this remarkable tale of how determination, hard work and perseverance brings out the silver lining in each cloud.

Beena was married at a very early age, (which she thinks is one of the biggest mistake of her life.) it was quite challenging for her to fit into her new family and its culture. Looking back, Beena feels she wasted precious years of her life just trying to fit in. With her sister in law having personality disorder and her husband and mother-in-law suffering from bipolar disorder, the home environment was always stressed. In such an environment, the biggest challenge was to raise her children as mentally stable, mature human beings. Once that was achieved, she began to focus on becoming financially independent.

As a person who believes that education is of utmost importance, she holds a post graduate degree in interior designing, and has also done few international courses from London and Spain related to the same. She had no previous experience of working in this field, thus, she started working from a small house without the support of her in-laws and husband.

Now, after ten years, her in-laws are proud of her and appreciate her work. Initially, she worked for long hours to sharpen her skills and often sacrificed her happiness for her work. A lot of times she failed to deliver projects on time. This taught her the importance of having processes in place and delegating the work to experts wherever required so she could focus on the larger decisions as an entrepreneur.

During these ups and downs in her work, which also included choosing a wrong partner for her work, Michelle Obama, Sudha Murthy and Moushmi- her best friend, were her biggest motivators. Books like- ‘The secret’, ‘Start with why’ and ‘Saat pagala Akaash ma’ have also helped her to stay on track. However, she still fears not getting work. Whenever she thinks that she won’t get a site, she checks the work she has done in the past and the appreciation she has got for it. Beena currently works around eight to ten hours. Her day starts at 6am.-by exercising and listening to inspirational talks, followed by exercise. She starts working at 10:30 am. Even though she has a busy schedule she ensures to spend time with her family. She ensures to eat at least one meal with her whole family. On Sundays, she spends her time by doing activities with her family, especially her children.

She recalls her most memorable day as the one on which she inaugurated her own office – it was the best day of her life! Her greatest reward is when she sees her clients vouch for her and appreciate the spaces she has created. She also feels very satisfied when she looks at her children who are now confident professionals.

Now, with her busy schedule she believes in caring for herself the most. She spends at least thirty minutes of me time where she reads books without any disturbance. This makes her feel relaxed. When asked about how she defines success, she says, “Success means to live life to the fullest and doing what you love the most. Every entrepreneur should chase their dreams, do their best, follow their inner power.” Lastly, a fact less known about Beena is that she is a mischievous person at heart.

Team Laja celebrates her achievements, determination and never say die spirit and wishes her the very best for her future endeavours.

Main Apni Favourite Hoon…..

Greatest Inspiration in LifeMichelle Obama, Sudha Murthy & my best friend Moushmi.
Book/s that inspired you the mostThe Secret
What you love about yourself?Patience, Ambitious nature and Go-getter attitude
What you dislike about yourself?Introvert nature, I don’t speak up sometimes when needed.
What motivates you?Challenges, making a difference in people’s lives, inquisitive nature.
Favourite Quote you live byWhen the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


8 thoughts on “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.”

  1. Beena …reading your story ..reminds me of the famous quote …When the going gets tough , the tough gets going !! Inspite of all the challenges you have faced you truly are tough and inspiring .
    More power to you Woman !!

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