Ms. Priyanka Acharya; Proprietor, Priy-Anka Consulting Co; LIC of India Licensed Advisor;

Ms. Priyanka Acharya; Proprietor: Priy-Anka Consulting LIC of India Licensed Advisor;

“The prescription to a long life is life-long learning”– says Laja Woman Achiever Priyanka Acharya – and lives by it.

Her journey has been an enterprising one and the one thing that stands out is her quest for learning and mastering new avenues.

From childhood, human conversations and thought processes intrigued and interested her and she had strong aspirations to become a psychologist. However, being a high scoring student in school, her parents persuaded her to take commerce. She took it up, and after graduation went in for a MBA course.

Her aspirations found new wings as a management trainee – Business Analyst at Financial Technologies India Ltd. Soon she became a pre-sales specialist for the company.

Then, after 5 years of corporate life, she took up a faculty role at BSE where she got opportunities to conduct financial awareness programs. Meanwhile, she found a new passion in creating, publishing and presenting research papers at various management institutes and conferences. Her passion soon turned into a teaching opportunity at an institute where she was asked to teach general human behavior. This brought her back to her first love – psychology. During this time, she read, wrote and taught voraciously – mostly about communication skills and strategy.

Priyanka then partnered with ENHANSKILL which offered her an opportunity to do loads of freelance learning and development work. Meanwhile, her father passed away, and to keep his legacy alive, she became a life insurance provider with LIC and started servicing his clients.

Her initial days were full of fear and self-doubt regarding the plans she recommended to clients and the training sessions she planned. Somewhere along the way, she learned that only knowledge and passion could connect the dots. She gave up watching television in mid-2016 so that she could focus on reading, writing and brainstorming for her work. When she incorporated her own proprietary in 2019, she was much more confident and prepared! Today, she has a section called Priy-Anka’s Corner on her website, which highlights all her trials and achievements!

Apart from her unique 90 day process focussed on streamlining
businesses, Priyanka has a special initiative to enable Health Insurance “Agents” to become “Professionals” by way of her PAN India professionalism courses meant for these advisors.

There was definitely a challenging learning curve to it all. In the initial days, she made errors in her session documents, in writing cheques, and even in new recipes she tried out for her family. But thanks to the continuous support and encouragement of her family, especially her husband, Priyanka managed to conquer it all and gather many feathers in her cap! She has been featured as one of the 9 most inspiring mentors to youth in India by Gujrati weekly Chitralekha. The makers of the popular daily soap “Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma” recognized her as a Swachchata Sainani for her contribution to the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan. Other awards bestowed upon Priyanka Acharya are the Emerging Leader Award 2019 by LIC of India, NLP Practitioner certification and many more. One of her dream assignments was an 8-day stint in Africa as Finance and Strategy domain expert.

But by far the most precious award was from her son who gave her a card on Woman’s Day which read “I love you, mamma! Others will talk to you, but I will hug you and kiss you as you move ahead and follow your dreams to make a successful business and achieve your dream trainings and LIC MDRT title!”

Priyanka’s formula for success is Simplicity + Consistency + Love –(minus) Crap! She has sound advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs: Do what it takes to achieve your aspirations, whatever it takes! For that, list your aspirations clearly. And lastly, build a balance in personal & professional life to enjoy both the worlds.

Asked if formal education is important, she says, “Yes, I do believe education matters. However, it matters ONLY when you have not spent your education years just to acquire marks or degrees. My education years passed experiencing the JOY of learning and that has been phenomenal in contributing to my journey so far”.

Priyanka says that true to her name, which means ‘Everyone’s Favourite’, she aspires to make a positive difference and be the best part in the lives of everyone she associates with. Well, we can vouch for it – her story is definitely an inspiring one for women entrepreneurs!

Team Laja is more than happy to be associated with this determined and enterprising go-getter.

Main Apni Favourite Hoon…..

Greatest Inspiration in Life Parents, Son, Indra Nooyi(PepsiCo)
Book/s that inspired you the most Unposted Letters by Mahatria Ra and It happened in India by Kishore Biyani.
What you love about yourself? Communication skills , Empathy, Enthusiasm
What you dislike about yourself? Judging self, procrastination, fear of adventures.
What motivates you? Inspirational books and videos, Personal life vison boards, needs of masses related to my profession, and encouragement from loved ones.
Favourite Quote you live by The prescription to a LONG-LIFE, is LIFELONG Learning – Priyanka Acharya


113 thoughts on “Ms. Priyanka Acharya; Proprietor, Priy-Anka Consulting Co; LIC of India Licensed Advisor;”

  1. Priyanka has been a pleasure to interact with. She seems extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful. I am of the opinion that she is well suited for this profession

  2. Priyanka’s mention sets a sparkle in eyes of people who have interacted or worked with her. Her ease of communicating to persons from across social and economical strata as well as from across age groups is simply amazing.

    Her Zeal, Planning, Determination, Meticulous Implementation, Perseverance and finally Celebration are something to learn from. Enthusiasm coupled with Simplicity defines her persona. A large part of her success can be attributed to her compassion & her burning desire to help everyone and not to work just for self goals (leave apart being selfish).

    She is and shall be an inspiration for everyone, not only ‘youngsters’ and not only ‘women’.

    1. I am the fortunate travel partner of Priyanka in her dream journey to Africa. Her association with me in just 8 days of this trip impressed me so much that I started wondering how a woman in so early stage of her career have the elephantic vision for her entrepreneurial journey and more so the kind of sacrifices she is making in terms of personal & family comforts in pursuit to realization of her dreams. She is undoubtedly a true leader for all youth professionals & entrepreneurs of today to look upon.

  3. Congrats Priyanka….as we all knw u r a very kindheart n hardworking person…unfortunately we have share much less time together but that time was very well and memorably spend…All the best dear

    1. Yes, Priyanka, true to your name, you win over minds of people who interact with you professionally or otherwise.
      You have, always, successfully connected the dots between your passion n profession that has helped you in building a strong bridge of Enhan Skills.
      Your sessions of Communication skills at Dena Bank’s Training Centre, were very effective n been much adored by the participants of all the bathes. The post training feedback were encouraging.
      You are a true fighter, dedicated service provider n above all A loving human being.
      Wish you many more successes in your endeavours.

  4. A person who is pleasure to talk too. Someone who wants to help anyone around her. She is one who effortlessly manages her work , but the part that i like most about her is the way she makes sure she has time for her family and also the discipline she has in her life. Clearly defined work hours and personal time – we all talk about it, but if one wants to see that in practice – just look at “A day in the Life of Priyanka”. A clear thought process, strategizing with a creative bent of mind and zeal to excel at whatever she takes up – that is what makes Priyanka a favorite chapter in everyone’s life.

    Donning multiple roles successfully with an ever smiling face – that’s Priyanka !

  5. Priyanka is a highly motivated, energetic and focused individual who is kind hearted and ever willing to offer a helping hand and solve problems. I am sure she will achieve success in whatever she sets out to do and I wish her all the very best in her career and life.

  6. Priyanka does all her task / assignments with full Dedication , Sincerity & Integrity , keeping others ( client / student/ listeners ) advantage in focus.
    She does good back up study & preparation while advising others.

    I wish her the best success, let more and more people get benefited with her knowledegable inputs.

  7. Priyanka Ma’am is one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable woman. She is a believer, a learner and an amazing teacher. The way she gives examples and her way of teaching is way different than the usual. I wish her all the very best for her way forward

  8. Priyanka is evolved way beyond her years her thinking and awareness of social and emotional quotients that shape and develop professional careers. And she has put her skills to good use through Enhaskills and Priy-Anka Consulting.

  9. I am the fortunate travel partner of Priyanka in her dream journey to Africa. Her association with me in just 8 days of this trip impressed me so much that I started wondering how a woman in so early stage of her career have the elephantic vision for her entrepreneurial journey and more so the kind of sacrifices she is making in terms of personal & family comforts in pursuit to realization of her dreams. She is undoubtedly a true leader for all youth professionals & entrepreneurs of today to look upon.

  10. Last time when I attended your session, I learned a lot more than what I expected. It was pleasure interacting with you. You inspire me a lot. Good luck for future endeavours dear.

  11. One of best blogs I have read. Leaves no doubt on what Priyanka is… A teacher,coach and mentor. Only one with passion for teaching can write such a precise summary. I have been lucky to have known you personally. Keep this Flame burning and wish you success health and wealth.

  12. Priyanka hardworking and planned personality continue legacy of her great father who was perfect LIC Agent serving policyholders multi task in communication teaching financial expert selfmade
    humble nature caring for family All the best in every field of life

  13. Priyanka hardworking well planned continue legacy of her father a great LIC Agent serve policyholders humble nature excellent communication skill caring for family love for teaching all the best for future adventures

  14. I have seen you from P to Priy-Anka….U deserve much more. Dedication, discipline and hard work runs in your blood. You are inspiration to many. Happy to see u rise in all fields you “touch”. Wish you fly high in all your future plans.

  15. Darshana Darshan Jhala

    Very inspiring! Truly an achiever. Achieving this while caring after a family and pursuing a profession is very difficult, but she has done it. A must read blog for all women. My best wishes for her future endeavors.

  16. Mitakshara Shirgaonkar

    I met Priyanka during a small meet up of Association of Trainers. I could connect immediately with her as both of us were on the same page with respect to the agenda of discussion. Priyanka comes across as an honest, dedicated, focussed and enthusiastic individual. Moreover, with her lucid communication skills, she is the best fit in the arena of consulting, training & development and facilitation. I wish her good luck on her chosen path and wish her all the success on her future endeavours.

  17. A very inspiring and motivating journey. A true leader who leads by example. Always gives in relentless efforts in anything she does. A wonderful person and a mentor to me personally.

  18. Priyanka you are an inspiration…I always look forward to your posts…kudos to all your achievements…it’s sheer hard work..grit & determination..All the besr

  19. I met Priyanka only once n found her very pleasing n adaptable. She connected with me for many of the learnings of Enhan skills but I couldn’t make it as it was on the other side of the town n running my own institute couldn’t spare to spend 1/2 a day . Congratulations Priyanka n hope to have creative conversation with you.:-)

  20. A creative person , Bundle of ideas and lot of achievement in different fields, association with her make. People’s life easy and more productive.
    Proud to know her a good business friend and gem of a person, always smiling and ready to help anuly time. All the best and congratulations

  21. I attended your session in Mumbai, I learned a lot more than what I expected. It was pleasure interacting with you. Hope you achieve all the success in your life.

  22. Dear Priyanka,

    Awesome. Quite an encouraging evolution and captured aptly.

    Certainly worth emulating by not just youngsters but also people, in general.

    I am summing through my favourite poem from Robert Frost…

    The woods are lovely…dark and deep

    I have many promises to keep

    Miles to go before I sleep &

    Miles to go before I sleep.

    God’s blessings for all success ahead


  23. Priyanka Mam, you are highly motivated. Your teachings still I am implementing and finds success in my work.
    Wishing you a very bright and many more success in ur future ahead.,.

  24. Priyanka is an excellent example of a woman managing both work and home perfectly….she has an attitude of never give up in life…
    Her alma mater is proud of her…
    All the best for your future endeavours…
    Keep growing Priyanka…

  25. “A lady with purpose” – Priyanka , at the same time a great friend , inspirer and wonderful human being. I sometimes think she is like Leonardo Da Vinci , gifted with so many talents like finances , public speaking , L&D, PR, Admin & Mgt and much more. This article particularly appeals me by the personal matrix shared by Priyanka , her choices , fav books , and her vision for her life. After reading this , I am thinking to make a one for me.

  26. Priyanka is vibrant, knowledgeable and a wonderful human being as well. She brings to the table very positive energies and her positive approach has a very powerful contagion. An asset to any project she associates with

  27. Mrs. Priyanka Acharya is one person army.
    She inspires,
    She teaches,
    She guides,
    She spreads endless flow of energy and positivity to recharge Oxygen of ethics.
    She carries huge gravity for helping all the needy ones from variety of sectors of society.
    Being daughterly to me, I am honoured to BLESS her from bottom most of my heart for flying success in all her actions.

  28. She has been my professor during my PG. She’s a powerhouse of positive energy and enthusiasm. Her core concepts about management skills are really applaudable. Always tries to do something unique and interesting.

    Keep up the good work ma’am

  29. It is an inspiring story. Priyanka has been one of the first few people I spoke to when I started my career in training and development. And to watch her breaking all social barriers and achieving success is indeed inspiring to all of us. Keep winning. All the best

  30. Prriyanka Madam, You have been a true inspiration and a admired guru from the days of BSE. You have been a inspirational leader and a motivational guide to me. You have quick and quirky solutions to toughest of problems and always have given me a ray of hope during my difficult times. I salute your passion and consistent efforts in upbringing your students.
    Thanks a ton

  31. Truly inspiring story!

    Priyanka: A woman who is meritorious, staunch in her work. On other side she comes across as very affectionate, compassionate and benevolent.

    I wish you a illustrious career ahead.

    God bless!

  32. Due to the current lockdown scenario, we are unable to travel and go on a trip.
    Reading this blog, gave a feel of going on a journey – ongoing brilliant journey of exciting and fruitful endeavors by Priyanka!

    I know Priyanka since more than 2 decades and I have had a unique opportunity to see Priyanka interact and teach people in the age range of 1 year to 80 years.
    When with a toddler she becomes one herself.
    When with teenagers, she is their friend.
    When with graduate students of a university, students look at her with admiration.
    When with corporate honchos she portrays the epitome of professionalism.
    And after attending Priyanka’s sessions, the senior citizens feel like enrolling as life-time students of Priy-Anka to EnhanSkill (read “their” between Enhan and Skill) 🙂

    Congratulations Priyanka on adding one more feather to your hat – being awarded LAJA – Woman achiever!

    You are unstoppable. And be that way.

    This quote by Ayn Rand is most appropriate for you: The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

    Much much happiness,

    Monish R Rana.

  33. Thanks for giving clear picture about your achievements. I appreciate your father and seen him working hard to achieve goals. You have a right training from him. Dedication and hard work.

  34. Priyanka comes across as someone who’s very humble, sharp, very eager to learn, a facilitator who can engage the participants well, subject matter expert in financial planning, insurance and communication.

    If anyone wants to see an example of passion meeting the profession, here she is: Priyanka Acharya.

  35. Priyanka has some special attributes that help her to stand apart in a crowd.

    She is a very empathetic listener in every interaction – that helps her in multiple ways – she learns much about both, the subject and the person she is interacting with – she builds trust and converts the interaction into a relationship.

    Her willingness to share and bring to the table her contributions in the relationship becomes her investment into a trust pool to help the relationship to sail forward and open up new horizons for her and everyone on board.

    An insatiable thirst for knowledge drives her to keep acquiring and upgrading skills, that she immediately turns around to pass around and share. This constant churning keeps her in motion and adds to her agility.

    My personal experience with Priyanka has been that she always is totally respectful and she stretches herself to meet her commitments and even go above and beyond!

  36. Priyanka is a go getter.She is calm ,patient and yet so dynamic.I have known her since quite some time now and what I have noticed is she strikes a chord with all age groups easily.She has a smiling face and her positive vibes are contagious.Over the years she has mastered her oratory skills .She is a true inspiration for many.

  37. Priyanka is a go getter.She is calm patient and yet so dynamic.I have known Priyanka since quite some time now and what I have noticed is she easily strikes a chord with all age groups.Her positive vibes are contagious.Over the years she has mastered her oratory skills too.She motivates encourages and inspires people .
    Great to know your journey .Keep rocking.
    Manisha Jain

  38. Full of enthusiasm, twinkle and sparkle in her eyes when she does what she loves the most– Training and imparting knowledge! Lovely and happy to know you. God bless you!!

  39. Hai Priy-Anka, Its god’s blessings on you, for which You have done Hard & Smart work during your life. Its posiable because of total Involment in your work. Its called 100% belongings. God bless you.

  40. Priyanka you are so very energetic and highly motivated, and focused on whatever you take to. Thanks for always smiling, being positive and willing to reach out to anyone who needs some support. Wishing you best and successes as you continue to chart your way through endeavours

  41. Absolutely awesome Priyanka ma’am! You are an inspiration as well as a pillar of strength and the strongest motivating force to not just me but to many!! More power to you! Loads of love and best wishes your way! May you achieve all that you have ever dreamed of and more *_*

  42. Well, just the sheer number of people commenting about Priyanka’s positive traits, and sharing their best wishes talks volumes about Priyanka as a person and as a professional. I have know Priyanka in various Avatars like a co-participant, student, key account manager, collaborator and even as my customer. Every single time I have been impressed by her commitment to excellence, her structured and organized way of working, and her passion for customer centricity. Her patience and soft assertion is an icing on the cake. Wish you all the best Priyanka and I know you will create great value for your attendees.

  43. Have been lucky to be a part of her journey before she was The Priyanka Acharya. Have witnessed her evolution into this dynamic, go getter professional that she has become today. All the best for your future endeavors and keep making us all proud!!!

  44. Priyanka Urvish Acharya..

    The name is synonymous to a perfect entrepreneur n ofc great leader. To top it all she is a great human. All the best Priyanka…stay blessed

  45. Radha Baskar Goregaon

    Priyanka Urvish Acharya..

    The name is synonymous to a perfect entrepreneur n ofc great leader. To top it all she is a great human. All the best Priyanka…stay blessed

  46. Ma’am your ech small advice was worth lacs. I made many changes and in my company after your advice. Small advices makes big impacts on business. Thank you again for guidance it is realy game changing if we stickilly follow it

  47. Lata shashank Nanavaty

    Priyanka dear my words for u limited. Seen u from childhood.always a head. Your journey to this post is simply superb and great. Proud feeling.wishing u all the u

  48. Priyanka comes across a committed, authentic and professional person. I have since her growth over the years from her MBA day to a Business Woman. Her calm composed personality ensures the all high or low pressure tasks get completed on time.
    She is a go-get-her and balances her work-life very well.

    I am sure you will go way ahead in your career and life. Wish you all the best.

    Dr. Akshay Damani

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