Mixed Media Visual Artist – AMI PATEL. Maharashtra State Art Awardee. Co-Founder – Kreative Artlab. Co-Founder – Kathhaa

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LAJA: Tell us about your journey thus far.

Ami: I am a mixed media visual artist. I have done my masters from Sir J.J School of Art and I am a curator for Kalaghoda Arts Festival and various other festivals. I have many national and international shows to my credit – both solo and group. I am co-founder of Kreative Artlabs which specialises in metal cladding, interior works, murals etc. I am also co-founder, owner of Kathhaa which deals in handcrafted wearable art.

Since childhood, I have always done what I believed in and never looked back.

LAJA: Tell us something about your family background and education

Ami: I was born to amazing parents who always believed and trusted in me. As I grew up, I realised that being educated was one thing, but being a professional, earning and being financially independent was something else. My parents struggled to find a groom for me who would let me grow and bloom in my life journey. In our society, men and families want a “sundar, sushil and tikao” girl who is dependent on her husband in most ways. I met so many of them in so called arranged scenarios and realised how insecure our society was in respect of working women.

LAJA: What are the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

Ami: Being a Fine artist by profession was always going to be a challenge especially for newly graduated / out of college student. You have to do a job or have a side business to help you earn money. Though I am a very straight forward when I speak, I am an introvert by nature so building a network for business is something I have to keep working on.

LAJA: What are the most satisfying moments in your career?

Ami: Whatever I did professionally was with the support of all my loved ones. I didn’t have to fight my first circle of people. I choose my priorities my way. Being an artist I had my studio near my house. This way I could create a very successful balance on both most important aspects of my life that is Family and work. That, I think is the most satisfying feeling for me today.

LAJA: What are some of your failures and mistakes and your learnings from them?

Ami: Failure is a perception of the mind.  Many times there are situations in life where things don’t go according to your plans.  But it does not mean it’s a failure.  Life is constantly changing and I believe strongly that we must strive to keep pace with the changing times. MOVING FORWARD IS THE KEY.

There are no regrets or any big mistakes that I feel I have made. I take life as it comes. Rather, whatever I have asked from the universe it has given me in abundance.

LAJA: How would you define success?

Ami: For me success is directly proportional to your happiness within.  A person who can put his/ her heart, mind and soul into even the smallest acts are successful beings for me.

LAJA: What advice would you like to give your fellow woman entrepreneurs?

Ami: Firstly, believe in yourself and love yourself. Secondly, be thankful to god and people who have helped you to be what you are. Last but not least, be honest and hardworking.

LAJA: Do you feel formal education play a role in being successful?

Ami: In any area could be life or business, we need to know the basics of any subject to build on it. To change the rules, you must know the basic rules. But, to be successful we need to learn from each of lour experiences as well – so I feel a combination of formal education and experience are the best catalyst for success.

LAJA: How do you generate new ideas to keep your family happy and grow your business?

Ami: Being an Artist, the right side of the brain dominates so I breathe new ideas, it’s me. So in work I am always innovative.  By god’s grace each of my family members are competent enough to keep themselves happy.  All of us create balance in sync with each other.

Fact File: Ami Patel
Mixed Media Visual Artist,
Co-Founder – Kreative Art Labs,
Co-Founder – Kathha Handcrafted wearable Art.

Greatest Inspiration in Life My Parents
Book/s that inspired you the most Rujuta Diwekar’s philosophies
regarding food and body.
What you love about yourself? Disciplined, Honest, Hardworking,
What you dislike about yourself? Anxious, Arrogant, Over emotional and
over organised.
What motivates you? Nature. And anyone who is happy,


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