Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.

Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.

Says a multitalented personality and extremely driven entrepreneur, Raina Khatri Tandon. This hardware engineer, counsellor and now a legal practitioner, speaks 12 languages and believes in taking action today, for a better tomorrow.

As she narrates her story to Team Laja, her zeal for life and compassion for people comes across in leaps and bounds. A “jadoo ki jhappi” is all we need believes this humanitarian for whom true success in life is to be able to light a candle of hope and positivity in someone else’s life!

A mother to a young boy, she affirms the importance of formal education for a strong future. “It forms the foundation to the entire process of growth and learning in life.” Herself, a multiple graduation holder, having completed MS in Technology, Masters in VLSI System Design, NLP, NVC and Counselling, she is now foraying into the legal world as a Novice Expert and Legal Advocate, and is currently pursuing LLM. “Learning has always been a hunger in me!” and it is the progress and development in life that keeps her motivated to do more, everyday!

Founder of RKT foundation, Raina is a Human Rights Social Activist, UN REX Karmveer Awardee 2019 and has touched 18k plus lives with her work. They are India’s first and only ISO certified company working for POSH, POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences), gender sensitization and stress solutions for organizations, institutions and NGOs. “Believe in yourself. You have been made for bigger things!” says this absolutely audacious and powerhouse woman.

Although, what no one knows is that inside this tough outside shell, is a simple person with a kind heart. Having braved through all the ups and downs in her life with a smile on her face, she has even managed to comfort and assist the many people around her, on the way! A shoulder to cry on, a listening ear or even just a smiling face in stressful times is what she strives to remain for them when they need one.

So, what does a typical day look like in the life of this spirited lady? An early riser, she starts her day with yoga and meditation. That is followed by a refreshing cup of tea in her balcony with the rejuvenating cool morning breeze! She asserts to Team Laja that it is the power of this daily meditation and morning routine that “helps me live through my day with ease, be there for the people who need me and let the compassionate positivity drive, thrive & survive through me!”

Thereafter she awakens her family with a smile and spends some quality time with them. Work commences and the day flows ahead effectively for about 10 hours with relevant professional commitments. It’s a wrap with some more family time, dinner, a tv series or two and finally a good night’s sleep with contentment.

“Life isn’t about what we lost or what went wrong. It is all about what we have gained and how much we have grown!”

Raina encourages us to appreciate the little wonders that we have created for ourselves and others in our life, everyday…

She recollects an incident from her school days, when she had failed her Mathematics exam in the Class 6. At an early age, that failure had taught her that all failures are learning experiences. “We fall, we learn, we rise. We fall, we learn, we rise.” Even today she sees any setback in her career or relationships as a valuable opportunity to learn from. This pragmatic mindset has not only bolstered her own strength but has also given her the courage to motivate others!

But her biggest fear is self-doubt and not trusting her own instincts. She dreads getting influenced by the emotions of others and abandoning herself just when she may need it the most! Overcoming financial challenges, people taking advantage of her vulnerability and questioning her education as well as experience has not been an easy task. At some point it had even shaken her belief in herself and her dreams. Today, Raina acknowledges these difficult episodes of her early days as a woman entrepreneur, to be some of the most important milestones in her life and on her road to self-discovery. Despite having to sacrifice things closest to her heart, she considers her journey remarkably beautiful as it has revealed to her “who I am and what I want to be!”

It is only practice, persistence and perseverance that is going to get us what we want to achieve advises this avid reader and voracious seeker of knowledge & novel experiences!

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

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Parents, Gurus.
Book/s that inspired
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Imperfection – Brene Brown Start with the
Why -Simon Sinek The One Thing
– Gary Keller
What you love about
Compassion, Courage,
What you dislike
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Procrastination , Temper,
need to be around people
Favourite Quote
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Tune in to your higher calling and
capabilities to know where to go next.


12 thoughts on “Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create it.”

  1. “who I am and what I want to be!” is what you have found ,is the greatest achievement of all and the things which are closer to ur heart which u r doing say’s it all. All the best, may your story inspire all those who are looking for their who n what .

  2. So happy for you Raina. N Yes she is a kind person .I remember I posted a comment in laja n she was the only one who realised that I was having a challenge n responded immediately . Love you for that ❤️

  3. ‘We fall, we learn, we rise . We fall, we learn, we rise !!! Just love this ! Love your spirit Raina .
    Haar ke jeetne waalon ko Baazigar kehte hai !!!
    More power to you Woman !!

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