There Is Always Light At The End of The Tunnel…

There Is Always Light At The End of The Tunnel…

And this is just the beginning of her journey! A perseverant and courageous woman, Shilpa Roy believes in always trying to push herself one step further ahead, than where she is today. She is a working professional and also a passionate singer.

Narrating her story to Team Laja, she confesses that she is an inherently private person and considers the simple joys of Life to be the true glamour of her saga!

She grew up as the only child to an educated family that lived with and passed on to her noble virtues of simplicity and integrity. These remain even today, the prime guiding principles of her life. She is grateful for the love showered upon her by her doting mother but admits that she missed the experience of growing up with a sibling and the delights of that relationship. A brilliant student in school, Shilpa had many achievements to her name and was very ambitious about her future.

As she recounts her younger days to Team Laja, she feels like she is talking about another era – a time when she had actually surprised herself by deciding to take a break from her promising career to care for her family. Becoming a mother was a defining moment of her life and a joy she cherishes even today!

Now, a working professional with a creative talent, Shilpa’s typical day starts with some “me-time” which is basically what keeps her fire burning! She then divides her day between professional assignments, household chores and family time. In her corporate career, always having worked towards excellence, she is proud to have made a difference to every organization she worked for. A greatly satisfying experience for her has been organizing musicals with unique content. These have been immensely appreciated even by foreign patrons with love for Indian music and culture!

An absolute diva, she acknowledges that challenges motivate her! To exceed one’s own expectations is success to her! She recognizes that her life has been all about choices and while some did not work out as expected, they have been good teachers to her. When asked about what she felt was the biggest mistake, she regrets not having pursued her talents diligently earlier. Had she pushed herself further then, she could have scaled even bigger heights today!

Shilpa accurately understands the challenges in maintaining a good balance – giving her best in every role she plays, to have a healthy professional as well as personal life. She has observed that while managing the egos, expectations and emotions of people around us is a challenge, they are also our greatest assets! Hence it is essential to strike the right balance so as to get optimum coordination and excellent results when working together.

Sharing her deepest fears with Team Laja, Shilpa has been exceedingly brave to admit that it is the pain of personal losses and negative outcomes that frightens her the most. In such times, affirmations and a positive outlook are the ones to come to her rescue. Additionally, what no one knows about her is that her silence isn’t a sign of her weakness, instead is an illustration of her strength to be able to deal with issues on her own and the depth of her affection towards her people.

Isn’t life the finest professor? Shilpa couldn’t agree more, as she enumerates her life lessons in an interview with Team Laja.

“Rely on yourself completely and face every situation head-on!” she wholeheartedly advocates. Letting peoples’ expectations of us impede our growth is like allowing them to take charge of our life! She believes we must earnestly follow our hearts but with a sense of responsibility. Stressing on the importance of Time Management she postulates, “Manage your time, manage your Life!”

She concludes that although formal education plays a substantial role, lack of it cannot hold back a confident and self-inspired person from being successful! Luck may simply give one a start but, “there is no substitute for smart, hard work!” she ascertains. It is only expertise that comes from efforts that can sustain us in the long run.

Life has also taught this seasoned learner to be patient.

“Some things just take their time to unfold. We just have to accept and keep going…”

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…
There are no sacrifices. Just choices!

Greatest Inspiration in LifeSudha Murthy.
Book/s that inspired you the mostAutobiography of a Yogi.
What you love about yourself?Conscientious, Balanced,
Solution Centric.
What you dislike about yourself?Not assertive & expressive
Poor at Networking.
Favourite Quote you live by“Your own self- realization is the greatest service you can render to the World”
– Ramana Maharishi


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