Tough Times Don’t Last – Tough People Do.

That’s the life story of Laja Woman Achiever Bijal Shah
– Dress Designer,
Garment Manufacturer and supplier.

Born into a middle class household, Bijal lost her father at the tender age of 7, and from there on her childhood was filled with struggles to keep afloat. They were faced with constant harassment from the paternal side of her family and as a consequence, her mom struggled to keep afloat financially.

With two young girls to take care of, her mom took up creative classes at home – candle making, art and craft, flower making etc. Bijal also learned these arts and started assisting her mom in these classes. Along with her studies, she also started tuitions and drawing classes for nursery and jrkg students. She completed her diploma in dress designing with top honours.

Her work life began in 1998, when she took up freelance design work for 3 garment houses. Realizing her need for money, they exploited her in terms of working hours and workload. Hence, after 2 years of doing freelance designing work, she started her own garment designing and manufacturing unit. This journey too, was fraught with challenges, with clients cancelling orders at the last minute, few of them copying her designs and many of them not paying up on time. But each of these experiences made her stronger, more confident and more professional. With each fall, she rose up again with more strength and determination. This trait was imbibed in her by her mother, who taught her and her sister to face the world with confidence and strength. She taught them to throw back at life what it throws at you.

Today, her company designs and manufactures garments for all the leading brands in the country. Though she feels she has had to sacrifice her childhood to be where she is today, Bijal is proud of her success. The smile and pride reflecting on her mother’s face gives her utmost satisfaction.

Bijal dedicates 8-10 hours of her day to her work and defines success as never giving up, having faith in yourself and building team spirit. She feels formal education plays a very important role in creating success in business.

Team Laja asked her what advice she would like to give to aspiring women entrepreneurs. To this Bijal says, “Never give up, your journey can begin at any age- it’s never late to start, and always trust yourself.”

We are proud of Laja Woman Bijal Shah who has risen up to shine as woman entrepreneur in spite of all the struggles life has thrown at her.

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

Greatest Inspiration in LifeMy mom.
Book/s that inspired you the mostThe Power of Positive Thinking
What you love about yourself?Confidence, Creativity, Kindness.
What you dislike about yourself?I am Emotional, get irritated soon.
My weight issue.
What motivates you?Appreciation from my clients and family. My daughter’s smile.
Favourite Quote you live byGolden Sunrise…Every day is a new beginning.


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