Small Town, Big Dreams

Profile Story of Laja woman, Mrs. Poonam Verma
An avid reader, Content Writer and Entrepreneur

Our Laja Woman achiever today is small town girl, Poonam Verma. The elder of two siblings, Poonam was born and raised in the town of Chandigarh in a Punjabi family. She grew up admiring her father who she considers to be her ideal. She considers herself extremely privileged as she had the opportunity to educate herself extensively and that too in varied fields. Her degrees include a M.A., Bed. and CTET-I pass out. She is also a passionate singer.

According to Poonam, her diverse educational background and the work experience that she gained by working for many years in various industries, allows her to adopt a world view of things and to approach challenges in a more realistic fashion. She also feels that a knowledge of all things, right from Commerce, to electronics to Literature to Economics, has been one of the key factors that has contributed towards her being a successful content writer today.

When Laja asked Poonam to share a little about her journey, she began with telling us about the time when she first quit her corporate job to join her husband’s business. She was filled with apprehensions but was also charged up and rearing to go ahead. Having worked in PR all her life, being part of a Graphic Design Studio was a completely different ball game for Poonam. The first few months were the toughest for as she struggled to find her bearings.

In retrospect, she thinks back to the time when she had enrolled for a course on ships but quit it when she reached level III and this after excelling at Levels I and II. She believes that this set back gives her the will and determination to move ahead and also to push away all thoughts of giving up. Today she basks in the satisfied glory of the fact that she successfully managed to covert several big clients in favour of her business.

Poonam has always had this endless thirst to acquire knowledge and learn new skills. It was this desire that made her enrol in a Textile Designing Course which she never ended up completing. This along with her decision to quit her job from a particular MNC in favour of another not so favourable ones, remain two of the biggest regrets of her life till date. But she strongly believes that the outcome of any decision taken at a particular stage of life, almost always leaves behind a learning in its wake.

Success often comes at a cost of some amount of sacrifice and Poonam does not deny that she too had to make several such sacrifices along the way. It wasn’t always smooth sailing. Switching careers often, with or without being given a choice, was one such price she paid for finally managing to find her one true love in Content writing. She however also enjoys the thrill that comes with selling in business and she succeeds at that too with equal élan.

When asked the question whether she considered herself a homemaker or a business woman, she takes pride in saying that she adorns many hats. She has worked in the corporate sector, with MNCs, been a homemaker for several years and now is also a business owner and founder.

Disorder or chaos is one thing that throws Poonam completely off guard. She feels that because she is a pragmatic and practical person, she doesn’t handle emotional turmoil too well. She often needs to step back, re-evaluate and analyse the situation as an outsider and then try to find a solution.

There is never a still or quiet moment in Poonam’s life. The wheels in her brain are always turning, cooking up new ideas and thoughts. These often manifest itself in the various recipes she keeps trying out or in the little surprises she plans for her family.

As far as work is concerned, a healthy discussion is always ongoing between her husband and herself. New strategies and plans are constantly being worked upon.

Poonam believes that a person’s greatest driving force is their passion for their chosen field. If you are devoted and love what you do, work will never seem like work. While the backbone of good education will always be appreciated wherever you go, a lack of it should not restrict one from following their dreams.

According to her, success is a very subjective thought. Each person’s definition and notion of what is success, varies greatly. It is up to the person to set a goal for themselves. When one reaches their desired goal, be it big or small, one is successful in the true sense. The want to reach one’s goal should your driving force.

In conclusion, we would like to share some words of advice that Poonam has to share with her fellow women entrepreneurs. She says that being an Indian woman, you will often have to face adversities. But never allow these challenges to come in the way of your true happiness. Believe in yourself she says. When in doubt, look at yourself in a mirror, give a huge smile and tell yourself, “You’ve got this!” She also adds, your success is not defined by the number of degrees you hold, or what is your designation in a company or even the annual turn- over of your own enterprise. Your success is defined by how content you are with what you have achieved in your life.

Team Laja wishes Poonam the very best for her future and hopes that she continues to motivate and encourage other woman entrepreneurs who are working towards leaving their marks on this world.

Mai Apni Favourite Hoon…

Inspiration in Life
I inspire myself. I have been a fighter all my life
Book/s that inspired
you the most
I inspire myself. I have been a fighter all my life.
What you love about
I am an optimist.
A hopeless romantic and I am
explorer and lover of solitude.
What you dislike
about yourself?
I do not like an emotional mess.
I am a workaholic.
What motivates You?Positive and encouraging words
on small achievements and little
Favourite Quote you live by“Miles to go before I sleep….”
– Eleanor Roosevelt


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