To Heal while Being Healed

Juthika’s Story
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Post-Grad in TRT & Clinical Hypnotherapist
Inner Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer,
Redikal Consciousness and Transform Your Life Teacher
Master Teacher for Angel Therapy and Magnified Healing

Juthika is a true blue Mumbai girl having been born and brought up in the maximum city. Her life journey has been a roller-coaster ride and there have been few, if any, dull moments. She is a classic example of someone who has a fighter’s spirit and an attitude to match.

Clinical Hypnotherapy for her, was a life altering experience. It enabled her to open up doors that had so far been locked for a long time. Post her extensive learnings through post-graduation in the same field, and her personal healings during her learnings, she was able to take the reins of her life into her own hands.That was her start to a journey in mental health practices, from where she has never looked back.

Being the youngest of five siblings, Juthika lived a very sheltered and independent life in her growing up years. Her siblings are all more than a decade older to her and she feels that by the time she was able to take stock of her own life, her siblings were like parents to her and her parents were more like grandparents. She has studied in six different schools and as a result, she became capable of easily adapting to changes, even in later life. By the time she was a young adult, she was left as the primary care taker of her ailing parents as all her siblings had settled abroad. From being looked after by everyone at home, she was suddenly left all alone, responsible for her parents’ wellbeing. Those were tough times as it was a constant juggle between college and home.

Her initial education included a B.Com. degree but she has added many feathers to her cap since then. Having married her childhood boyfriend at 26, life didn’t pan out the way she expected it to. She spent many long and traumatic years in a challenging marriage. The silver lining in this are her two daughters. The sole purpose of Juthika’s life was to raise, smart, confident and independent young girls, who are strong enough to deal with any challenge that life throws their way. She says that life has given her the opportunity to be both an entrepreneur and a home maker. But today she does not wear any of these tags. She is now only herself and is very happy being just that.

One of her greatest fears has been her anxiety related to the unknown future. But overtime, she has managed to gain control over this aspect by taking charge of her own life. In addition, all the alternate healing modalities and techniques that she has mastered over the years, such as Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Angel Therapy, Magnified Healing etc. have gone a long way in making her both, emotionally and mentally self reliant. Her healing therapies have allowed her to shed all inhibitions, to overcome personal traumas and to side-step all the obstacles that come in the way of her personal growth.

Juthika feels that life has taught her so much and for that she is grateful. She sees each mistake or failure as a lesson in her life. There is no greater teacher than life itself. But she does not regret any of the decisions that she has made in her life. She takes even her failures in her stride and prefers to look forward rather than backwards. Her greatest strength is her unwavering faith in the Divine. She has submitted herself to the Will of God and the Supreme Power.  The obstacles that came her way, only assisted in making her sharper and stronger. Because of her faith in the Universe, she does not stress too much over anything, anymore.  Over time she has found and developed the courage to stand up for herself as well as for her daughters. She refuses to give in to the stigmas assigned to her by society and she teaches her daughters the same virtues.

Juthika is in complete acceptance with the fact that money is essential to lead a comfortable life. She however, does not believe that it should be the sole purpose of one’s life. Excelling in our careers is only one aspect of a person’s existence and while she is grateful for all the material comforts that money gives, she wanted something more from life – inner peace, love, joy and abundance – and that is the real aim of her life.

Juthika strongly believes that every moment of her life is beautiful and satisfying. This is because she doesn’t have any rigid expectations from her life. She always gives it her best and if the outcomes are good, she is thrilled. But in case they are not as expected, then she does not waste her energies over regret and sadness. She prefers letting by gone be by gone.

Juthika’s firm and strong faith in the Supreme Creator, is what gives her the strength to march ahead against all odds. When facing difficult times, she takes charge of her life, but, in alignment with the Will of God. She allows that to be her guiding light and her positive experiences in this regard have made her confident that good things happen, when she lets God’s Will take precedence over her own will and desires.

Her life has been peppered with sacrifices that she has been forced to make time and again. But being the fighter that she is, she has picked herself up each time and steadily moved ahead.

Given the fact that Juthika leads a very dynamic life, her daily routine is also very dynamic. No two daysare the same for her. The practices she follows per day depend entirely on what she feels like doing on any particular day. The only thing constant is her daily self healing practice of Magnified Healing. Her choice of practice depends entirely on what she feels spiritually drawn towards on that day. She attends to her clients everyday post 2pm till late evening. This is the other thing that does not change in her daily routine.

In her younger days, Juthika lived a routine life that followed a fixed time-table. Most of the time, this time-table was made to suit the requirements of the people around her. With time and as a result of her association with spiritual healing, she realised that putting unnecessary pressure on herself was proving to be detrimental to her own personal growth. Therefore, she now limits her work time to a maximum of eight hours in the day. The remaining sixteen hours are her own, which uses to add value to her own existence; be it sleep, entertainment, being with the family, learning new skills, reading, researching, upgrading and planning, being with nature, meditating or spending time on self-healing. It is her time and she decides what she wants to do with it because she believes that one must enjoy every aspect of their time and space on this earth.

She says that her decision to go back to re-educating herselfwas very important in her life and one that she is very proud of. Therefore, she feels that a strong and varied educational foundation goes a long way in making a successful life as well as career.

Juthika claims that life itself and her two daughters are her greatest motivations. When she had hit rock bottom and when everything looked dark and bleak, it was her daughters who gave her the courage to pick herself up and start all over again. She wanted to give them the very best that life had to offer and wanted to make all their dreams come true. Her process of self-healing began with the realisation that if she were to be emotionally available to her girls, she needed to become whole first.

We asked her to share some advice for other woman who wish to heal and move on in life and here’s what she had to say. “Rise and shine for your time has come ! To fully realise your identity, you first need to realise your understanding of the ‘woman’ that you are. That is your greatest power.” Towards this purpose, Juthika facilitates a Red Tent Group which focusses on teaching women about the power of their wombs, their feminine energies and the divinity that they hold by the sole virtue of being born as a woman in today’s age and time. Her book, Esoterica, is also aimed at giving practical understanding of a woman’s body, mind and spirit for a higher state of existence.

We appreciate Juthika taking out time to talk to Team LAJA. We wish her all the very best on her journey of self-discovery and healing and we hope that she is able to inspire other women with her fighter’s spirit.

Greatest inspiration in life. My parents and my daughters.
Book\s that inspire you or you love.Inner War and Peace by Osho
What do you love about yourself?Easy going and adaptable Quick thinker in times of trouble or crisis
Favourite quote you live by.Live and Let Live. Every cloud has a silver lining.
What do you dislike about yourself?Can be lazy, Critical, Sharp Tongue Can act cocky sometimes


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  1. Wow Juthika, it’s very nice to know you more in depth.. Hope we cross paths someday… Taking life everyday and two days are never same, ever learning new things.., truly commendable

  2. The person you have become today with so many capabilities is a blessing for many who want to be healed. Your journey is worth many healed souls. God bless you with more.

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