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Profile Story of Saleema
Business Woman, Entrepreneur

We are often sceptical to venture on paths that are less trodden and are unknown as there is constant fear of losing our way. Laja woman Saleema however is different. She prefers to swim against the tide rather than with it and this why she a first generation business woman in her family.

Saleema comes from a family that was supportive of the girls of the family getting a good education and building careers for themselves. But Saleema did not want to do anything that was run off the mill. She wanted to dive into untested waters which is exactly what she did when she set up her own export business. Now not only does she spear head a flourishing business but has also organised and participated in several national and international exhibitions.

When Saleema started her entrepreneurial journey, she was well aware that it was not going to be an easy task. Considering the fact that she had never really worked anywhere before her marriage, it was going to a long journey of learning and discovering. Her career began only post marriage and that too after having kids. She started off with working for an export firm so as to learn the tricks of the trade and when she was confident enough, she went about setting up her own company.

When we asked her if she considered herself to be a homemaker or a business woman, she says, “I am homemaker with a hard working attitude.” She set up her own firm and runs it by herself with no help from anyone. She calls herself a one-woman army and she absolutely enjoys every moment of her work life.

Like all other start-ups, Saleema too faced teething issues at the onset of the business. But she learnt to deal with all the minor setbacks that came her way and emerged as a winner on the other side. She has faced all hurdles fearlessly and considers all failures as lessons learnt along the way. However, all these hurdles have made her smarter and she is now very cautious while conducting business especially with someone who is new to her.

Her journey was filled with challenges as she had no one to guide or handhold her. It was for the first time that anyone from her family would be setting up a business of their own. She had to learn everything on her. If she stumbled and fell, she would have to pick herself up and continue moving forward. There was no other way. Needless to say, her success has come at a price. Her journey is marked with several sacrifices that she has had to make both at the personal as well as professional levels.

A regular day in Saleema’s life comprises a mix of her duties as a mother and home maker and also as an established business woman. She tries to ensure that she is able to give equal time to both her homely duties as well as to her firm. They are an equal part of her life and she cannot view herself surviving without either of them. These duties take up almost 16-17 hours of her day but she is not complaining. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She does not deny the importance of a good educational background for running a successful business but she also does not deny the fact that business skills are often inherent to a person’s nature and with experience and a sharp mind, these skills can be further enhanced.

According to Saleema, success does not necessarily refer to success in one’s career alone. A truly successful person is one who is able to establish a balance between their personal and professional life because both are equally important to keep one truly happy.

Team Laja hopes that Saleema continues to derive happiness from whatever she chooses to do further in her life and we wish her much success in the future.

Greatest inspiration in life.  I inspire myself.
Book\s that inspire you or you love.  The White Tiger
What do you love about yourself?  Kind, emotionally strong, optimistic and honest.
What motivates you?  The sunrise, as each day brings new hope with it.
Favourite quote you live by.“Sapne woh nahi hote jo aap sone ke baad dekte hain. Sapne who hote hain jo aap ko sone nahi ete.”Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azad
What do you dislike about yourself?Short tempered at times.


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