Where there is a Will, there is Always a Way

Profile Story of Mrs. Preeti Thakkar
Culinary Consultant, FMCG Project Consultant
Master Class and Talk Show Facilitator

Laja Woman Achiever Preeti Thakkar’s story is a story about unwavering self-confidence and the determination to go on against all odds. A never say die attitude and the desire to want to succeed is what characterises Preeti Thakkar.

Being born in a typical Gujarati Business family, Preeti had to give up her Fine Arts studies to be married off at an early age. Motherhood too came very early in life for her. But today if you ask her whether she is a Homemaker or a business woman, she will smile confidently and say, “I am a little bit of both.”

There was always a burning desire within Preeti’s heart that continued to tell her that she needed to utilise her potential to its fullest. This was often supported by the urge to want to continue to explore and learn more. She could not settle with just listening to the success stories of others around her. Hailing from a conservative family, stepping out to seek a job was never an option. But neither was giving up. Preeti took her first small baby steps when she started Hobby and Cooking classes from home. This gave her immense happiness and also the much need boost of confidence that was required to encourage her to explore new avenues. This in itself was a great challenge as both home and work responsibilities had to be managed with equal effectiveness.

She was able to steadily move forward when she managed to master the art of multitasking. As women and mothers, most of us already have an inherent talent to be able to manage several things at one time. This may seem as a daunting task but Preeti was able to manage this efficiently when she began to compartmentalise her tasks and learnt how to prioritise and focus on what was more important at one time.

There are certain basic principles or mantras that Preeti has been following ever since she decided to set up her own business. The awareness that managing work and home would not easy, was always at the forefront of all thoughts. But so also was the need to continue to keep moving forward. She doesn’t consider setbacks to be failures. In fact, she looks at them as learning opportunities. Holding a grudge against a minor setback is a waste of precious time according her. Instead, just pick up from where you left it and continue your onward journey. If an error has been made, no need to fret. Just calm down, step back, objectively reassess the situation and move ahead. Also, never under estimate the power of your internal intuitive feelings.

She however does have a few regrets such as she was never able to say no to anyone even when the request was detrimental to her own well-being.Being able to analyse a situation from another’s point of view is something that she learnt to do a little later in life.

Creativity plays a very important role in Preeti’s everyday life, be it work or personal. She attempts to make everyday tasks exciting so that there is always something to look forward to. Be it sharing a funny joke or image on the WhatsApp family group or trying out a new recipe.  As far as work is concerned, she makes sure that she is realistic and target oriented and at the same time ensures that her creative skills are also displayed.

She considers both her mother as well as her mother in law to be her greatest role models. But she also strongly believes that each person that crosses our path has something to teach us. It is up to us what we choose to learn and what we choose to forget. Working for an average of 10 hours per day, Preeti says that she draws her strength from the many inspiring people that surround and bless her.

While she believes that acquiring some form of formal education is not mandatory for being a successful business person, she insists that there is no age limit to learning something new. No knowledge goes waste and it is essential to keep upgrading one’s information bank. She is her own greatest motivator and she is filled with the zest to continue to move forward. Success according to her is anything that brings happiness to oneself and to those around you. You are successful if your heart is happy.

Persistence, continued hard work and enhancing existing knowledge and skills are three ways in which one can hope to be successful in their endeavours. She believes that money, fame and success are not the only sources of happiness. Giving back to society in whatever way possible is one way in which she ensures that she is able to sleep peacefully at night.

She takes pride in the fact that she is an optimist and focussed person who smiles a lot. She is in perfect harmony with herself as she is able to let go and forgive easily. After all, why would anyone want to carry extra baggage?

Preeti proudly says that her late hubby Sanjeev was her backbone then and now her lovely kids Mansi, Ajay and Pranav along with her loving granddaughter Vihaana are her support system.

Team Laja applauds Preeti’s untiring spirit and wishes that the fire within her continues to burn for many many more years.

Greatest inspiration in life.  Mother and mother in law.
Book\s that inspire you or you love.  How to Win Friends and Influence People
What do you love about yourself?  Optimistic, Forgive people easily, Focused and smile a lot.
What do you dislike about yourself?  Procrastinate, inability to say a no and inability to express emotions.
What motivates you?  I am self- motivated.
Favourite quote you live by.Khud He Se Mutasif Hu Mai, Khud He Se Jung Hai Meri, Garaz Nahi Zamaane Ki Mujhe, Khud Ki Nazar Mai Jee Lu Bus Yahii Chaahat Hai Meri.  


18 thoughts on “Where there is a Will, there is Always a Way”

  1. Just loved this..hope n wish we learn from you………Holding a grudge ……………..Also, never under estimate the power of your internal intuitive feelings.

  2. One of the strongest person i have ever known…!! She is a true Fighter, with amazing creativity gifted to her. I would rather call her a Creative Fighter. Always great to be around, full of positive vibes and charm.
    Huge Respect..!!!

  3. Josephine Pereira

    Stay optimistic..stay focussed and continue to be an inspiration to everyone you meet in the journey of life..
    Wish you all the very best and happiness always…Keep Smiling

  4. Josephine Pereira

    Stay focussed..stay optimistic and continue to be an inspiration to everyone you meet in the journey of life
    All the very best and happiness always…

  5. Amazing….!!!
    A journey like an electrocardiogram… Ups and downs but a personality having a very caring, kind and tender heart with iron based will power to overcome all that comes way… Love u Preeti..♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Garteful to have lovely friend like you ..🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  6. Inspirational…!!!!
    A journey like an electrocardiogram… Ups and downs but a personality having a very caring, kind and tender heart with iron based will power to overcome all that comes way… Love u Preeti..♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Grateful to have lovely friend like you ..🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  7. Jee le apni zindagi apni sharto pe.. sath mei hum hun na… jab bhi chahe.. yaad kar le na.. aa jayenge..
    Loads of love to the beautiful, sensitive and strong women as I know you. God bless you with more.

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